Friday, March 31, 2017

EU’s Tusk to testify in Polish-Russian security probe

Donald Tusk, the European Council president, will appear at the Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw on April 19 as a witness in a probe into cooperation of Poland’s Military Counterintelligence Service (SKW) with the Russian FSB, Tusk’s spokesman said in a statement on Thursday.

Remarks to NATO-Ukraine Commission (Remarks Rex W. Tillerson)

Thank you for the opportunity to represent the United States at this important meeting on Ukraine.

Press conference by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg following the meetings of the North Atlantic Council and the NATO-Ukraine Commission at the level of Foreign Ministers

How the West (and the Rest) Got Rich

The Great Enrichment of the past two centuries has one primary source: the liberation of ordinary people to pursue their dreams of economic betterment

Mucha w konsulacie, czyli bliskość casus belli

Ostrzelanie z granatnika polskiego konsulatu RP w Łucku to przekroczenie „cienkiej czerwonej linii” w prowokacjach wymierzonych w stosunki polsko-ukraińskie. Nie powinno to być jednak dla nikogo zaskoczeniem. Że dojdzie do podobnych scen, było wiadomo. Nikt nie pytał: „czy”, tylko „kiedy”.

Sędziowie zaniepokojeni pracami nad systemami informatycznymi sądów

Войска окружили дальнобойщиков в Дагестане.

Особливості внесення майнових прав інтелектуальної власності в статутний капітал господарських товариств

Поняття та види правочинів

In Ukraine, Russia Weaponizes Fake News to Fight a Real War

Crimean Tatars Mejlis file complaint with ECHR due to prohibition of its activities by Russia

President about new cargo aircraft An-132D: Ukraine has a huge potential if it launches new high-quality planes

Prime Minister backs large scale privatization of SOEs that are not strategically important

Brexit: Theresa May forced into embarrassing climbdown over Article 50 negotiations security 'threat'

Opinion analysis: Justices offer minimalist decision on New York credit-card surcharge statute

Millennials and polyamory: Will dating ever be the same?

Progress with environmental remediation of uranium legacy in Central Asia

California proposed immigration bill imposes steep fines for employers who cooperate with federal immigration requests

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Poroshenko’s Revenge

Yates is Out, Yates Memo is Not

Mike Flynn indicates he would testify in Trump-Russia inquiry in exchange for immunity

EU to Trump: Mess With Brexit and We’ll Mess With Texas

Збигнев Бжезинский: "Путин должен думать о своем будущем."

Corporate ethics compliance – challenges and benefits for both U.S. and global companies

Le faux procès de la Russie à l’Occident

In Europe's Other 'Divorce,' Ukraine Loses To Russia ... Again

Ukrainian President instructed the Armed Forces to cease fire in the ATO area starting from April 1

Russian 'propaganda on steroids' aimed at 2016 U.S. election: lawmaker

Keep in Mind These Basic Tax Tips for the Sharing Economy

If taxpayers use one of the many online platforms to rent a spare bedroom, provide car rides or a number of other goods or services, they may be involved in the sharing economy. The IRS now offers a Sharing Economy Tax Center.

Wygnani we własnym kraju. Ukraińscy przesiedleńcy

Арестович: Протесты в Беларусии и России - это закат постсоветских диктаторов

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Student Interest Drives New Tech Law Program at Cornell Law's NYC Campus

Basia - Cruising For Bruising (Official Music Video)

Россия провоцирует новую войну на Балканах между Сербией и Косово

Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces: The fat lady has sung!

Gerrymandering 101: What it is, and why it’s illegal

Александр Сокуров: Нельзя начинать гражданскую войну среди школьников и студентов, надо услышать их!

U.S. Senate reaffirms non-recognition of Russia’s attempted annexation of Crimea and calls for maintenance of sanctions against the Russian Federation

Ukrainian President: The Kremlin’s objective is to split Europe and water down its values

Ukraine: Exodus der Russen-Banken hat begonnen

When Russia and Ukraine Battle in Court, the West Wins

Statement by the European Council (Art. 50) on the UK notification

Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union – Q&A

Article 50 letter makes no mention of Theresa May's threat to leave the EU with 'no deal'

Breaking Manafort Scandals Reveal the Rot at the Heart of the Trump Campaign; Russia Wins

USAID places sanctions on Ukraine’s National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NACP)

Register now for the Creative Commons Global Summit!

Trump signs order dismantling Obama-era climate policies

City of Los Angeles Updates Paid Sick Leave Rules and FAQs

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Article 50: Theresa May to call on UK to unite after letter triggers Brexit

British PM May to fire starting gun on Brexit


Guide to Starting a Hedge Fund

Томский преподаватель отчитывает студентов за участие в митинге

EU top court upholds sanctions against Russia's Rosneft

What Putin Should Do About Those Protests

Ukraine and GUAM countries-participants inked quadripartite Protocol to enhance cooperation within the limits of Free Trade Area

On March 27, a meeting of heads of governments of member countries of the Organization for Democracy and Economic Development GUAM in the framework of the summit was held in Kyiv.

Haszczyński: Zapomnieliśmy o Ukrainie

Marian Piłka: Jak uniknąć geopolitycznej pułapki?

“Corky” Gonzáles and the first National Chicano Youth Liberation Conference


Mingarelli hopes visa-free travel between Ukraine, EU to function since end of June

The Canada-EU CETA Rules Of Origin For Textiles And Apparel Are More Flexible For Canadian Importers

Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on the occasion of the third anniversary of the adoption of the United Nations General Assembly resolution “Territorial Integrity of Ukraine”

27 March 2017 marks the third anniversary of the adoption of the United Nations General Assembly resolution "Territorial Integrity of Ukraine” (68/262).

Data Protection and the EU institutions

Trump Ends Obama Contracting Rule

Here’s what I saw at the huge Moscow anti-corruption protest

90% of firms in Poland experienced employee exodus – report

Some Colleges Step Up to Ease Students’ Debt Burden

About 100 mostly liberal arts colleges offer help with loan repayments to graduates

Canada to legalise marijuana by 2018

Putin spox pays secret visit to occupied Luhansk – media

Trump son-in-law met executives of sanctioned Russian bank, will testify

Hiring and wage & hour law in Indiana

Monday, March 27, 2017

Visa-free Polish-Russian border traffic to remain suspended: report

Социокультурные факторы оптимизма современной молодёжи России

Eye on Affiliation: The Role of Family Relationships in Size Determinations

Lawyers and students to collaborate on tech solutions

Obamacare is the law of the land. But it’s still vulnerable.

Суд на Ставрополье заочно арестовал экс-премьера Украины Яценюка

UPDATE: Poroshenko signs to crack down on anti-corruption NGOs, journalists

May says No to Scottish referendum, urges unity

Statement by Commissioner Avramopoulos following the meeting with five Member States on progress towards full visa reciprocity with the United States

"I met today in Brussels Ministers and representatives from Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland and Romania, to discuss progress towards the goal of achieving full visa reciprocity with the United States. Reciprocity is a cornerstone of EU visa policy, and we are committed to continue working in a constructive and positive spirit, in close coordination between us, and the United States, to achieve this goal as soon as possible, including searching for mutually acceptable interim steps..."

Даниил Пильчен и список "пятой колонны"

North Dakota Legalizes Constitutional Carry

In the framework of the GUAM summit governments of Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova signed protocols on the establishment of the FTA and mutual recognition of results of customs control

Россия - конченная страна, я в этом убедился

Valeria Gontareva: Ukraine’s central bank reformer


Can You Waive Your Right to Challenge a Will?

Trump to sign order on Tuesday easing energy regulations: officials

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Немного о цифрах (антикорупционная акция в России)

Страна оккупирована властью

Populism is the result of global economic failure

New York Cybersecurity Regulations: What Do They Mean and When Do They Mean it By?

Антикоррупционный митинг «Он нам не Димон» в Москве

Emerytury: w 2018 r. może zabraknąć nawet 63 mld zł

The Young Pope

The Young Pope is an English-language Italian drama television series created and directed by Paolo Sorrentino for Sky AtlanticHBO, and Canal+. The series stars Jude Law and Diane Keaton.

May to Set Out Plans for Post-Brexit U.K. Regulation on March 30

10 Local Marketing Strategies That Work

Ukrainian interest. Klimkin's priorities, intimidating Lukashenko, and cynical Agramunt

Троянский конь в Украине

The Struggle: The ‘Disease Of Disrespect’ Is Ruining Law Students’ Lives

Russian police detain opposition leader Navalny at Moscow protest

Как вести себя на митингах и при задержании: инструкция Открытой России

Украинский Майдан не был революцией

The Real Immigration Debate: Whom to Let In and Why

Today’s bitter divides focus too narrowly on enforcement. All sides need to be clearer about what immigration policy is meant to achieve

National Guard of Ukraine

От подъема к падению. Украина в мировых рейтингах

Украинская экономика стремится к развитию, но пока ей мешает много факторов, следует из докладов.

Can Europe be saved?

Argument preview: Immigration, ineffective assistance and plea bargaining

Which States Are Likely to Enact Laws Restricting Non-Compete Agreements in 2017?

Employment Law 2016 Year in Review

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Gazprom release from guarantee for Gazprombank loan to Firtash

Chinese court rules in favor of Apple in local design patent disputes

Лишение гражданства: национальные интересы, подготовка к выборам и некоторые последствия "наказания" за два паспорта

US sanctions 8 Russian companies over non-proliferation law

Declaration of the leaders of 27 member states and of the European Council, the European Parliament and the European Commission

Overton window

E-declaration legislative changes – Ukraine

10 legal issues to handle when having a baby

Here are 10 critics of Vladimir Putin who died violently or in suspicious ways

Friday’s Five: When hugs can constitute harassment

EU leaders have signed a new declaration

Склад проблем

The Treaties of Rome at 60: Commission recalls Europe's achievements and leads discussion on the future at 27

ANTI-RUSSIA: Liberty and servitude in the new philo-czarist age

Information Policy Ministry has announces Top 5 Russian lies in UN International Court of Justice

Poroshenko enacts law on simplification of inheritance tax

Why Erdogan Seeks to Provoke European Leaders

Friday, March 24, 2017

'Mr Putin steps into French elections'

Kiev et Moscou au bord du divorce

Republicans pull healthcare legislation plan in blow to Trump

North Dakota governor approves concealed guns without a permit

Raising Red Flags: An Examination of Arms & Munitions in the Ongoing Conflict in Ukraine (ARES)

U.S. Sanctions Chinese Entities, Others, for Aid to Iran, North Korea, Syria

State Department targets those accused of aiding missile programs

Putin welcomes Le Pen to Moscow with a nudge and a wink

Time for a strong middle-class party

What is needed for Ukraine to have a political force that is not linked to oligarchs

Роман Цимбалюк: Три вопроса для Путина

Ten Reasons Why Ukraine’s Economy May Surprise You

Situation Update, east of Ukraine as of morning, March 24, 2017

President: It is a matter of honor for the law enforcement bodies of Ukraine to solve murders of Pavlo Sheremeta and Denys Voronenkov

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (TV series)

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency is a BBC America science-fiction detective series, taking place after the Douglas Adams novel series of the same name. Created and primarily written by Max Landis, it stars Samuel Barnett as the detective Dirk Gently and Elijah Wood as his reluctant sidekick Todd. A trailer for the series debuted at San Diego Comic Con 2016.

Конец экспансии Кремля

Балаклея. Подборка самых зрелищных моментов. Взрывы, взлеты ракет, снарядов и хвостовиков, "грибы".

Consumer Financial Services Action Plan: Better products and more choice for European consumers

Вороненков — это второй Литвиненко. Версия Юлии Латыниной

Let’s Stop Cheapening Combat: Women Are Not the Primary Victims of War

And here we have yet another attempt to minimize the suffering of men

Everything You Think You Know About Campus Sexual Assault Is Wrong: A Review Of The Campus Rape Frenzy

Arkansas Expands Gun-Carry Rights

Only Trump Can Go to Ukraine

Am I a Municipal Corporation? Maybe. Does it Matter? Yes!

Ukrainian President: Murder of Denys Voronenkov is an act of state terrorism by Russia

Russian Duma's ex-deputy Voronenkov shot dead in Kyiv (Photos)

Chief of the Ukrainian National Police department for Kyiv Andriy Kryshchenko announces that former deputy of the Russian State Duma Denis Voronenkov has been shot dead downtown Kyiv, according

"Третья Мировая Война Уже Началась"

НБУ ввел санкции против "дочек" российских банков

Moscow accuses Turkey of violating WTO rules amid debate on ‘wheat ban’

Trump-Russia inquiry in 'grave doubt' after GOP chair briefs White House

Seven Legal Steps to Consider When Caring for an Elderly Parent

Statutory Damages: The Future of Cybersecurity Litigation


Eurovision – A reflexive control win for Russia

France's Macron seen winning presidential vote: poll

Sherman's neckties