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Understanding the Law: the subject of the Law in a legal relationship

Volodymyr Machuskyy

The subjects of Law as particular have internal contradictions. Contradictions of subjects eliminated through legal relationship.

The source of legal relationship is a single - the interest of the subject of Law. The legal relation as a paricular for the subjects of law, having its source in a single - the intersts of the subjects, seeks to achieve the general - objectification interests of the subjects of Law.

Many thanks to all who read this blog in the past year. I wish you health, material well-being and success in the New Year!

Abba - Happy New Year

Mejlis presents own vision of development of situation with power supply to Crimea

Chair of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar People, MP Refat Chubarov has said that if Ukraine supplies power to Crimea in violation of Ukrainian law, the Ukrainian president, Prosecutor General's Office and the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) should interfere in the situation.

He said at a briefing in Kyiv on Wednesday that the contract on supply of electricity from Ukraine to Crimea expires on December 31, 2015, and it is unknown what contract will be for next year.

He said that the documents on supplies of electricity to Crimea that will be signed by representatives of Ukraine must say that electricity is supplied to Crimea, the territory temporarily occupied by Russia.

"If this does not happen, the NSDC, Prosecutor General's Office and the president should interfere in the situation. Why should we meet the needs of the aggressor?" he said.

Указ Президента Российской Федерации от 31.12.2015 № 683 "О Стратегии национальной безопасности Российской Федерации"

DCFTA creates new opportunities for Ukraine: Commissioner Malmström

The European Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström is confident that the introduction of the trade part of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement on January 1, 2016 will create unique opportunities for Ukraine to stabilise, diversify and develop its economy, according to an UNIAN correspondent reporting from Brussels.

“The entry into force of this trade area on 1 January 2016 creates unique opportunities for Ukraine to stabilise, diversify and develop its economy to the benefit of all its citizens. Assistance from the EU will be made available to help Ukrainian SMEs seize these new opportunities, to grow, and thereby create jobs,” reads the Thursday’s press release of the European Commission quoting Malmström as saying.

NASAA Releases Its List Of Top Five “Investor Threats”: Same As It Ever Was

Posted in Annual Report, NASAA

Right around Christmas, NASAA, the North American Securities Administrators Association, which is comprised of the securities regulators from each of the 50 states, released its annual list of the top five threats to investors.  To compile the list, NASAA polled each state’s securities commissioner to learn the “the five most problematic products, practices or schemes.”  The five items described below topped the list.  What is remarkable, however, is not that these items represent new issues, but, to the contrary, that these are essentially the same issues that investors and regulators have been dealing with, well, forever.  Equally interesting, the list amply demonstrates some of the biases that securities regulators have against certain “alternative” investments.

Deregulation in agricultural sector is priority task for the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Ukraine for 2016

“Reforming of the agricultural industry should be continued in 2016. Deregulation is the way to fight corruption in the agricultural sector,” Oleh Protsenko, the reforms project manager of the National Council of Reforms in the agriculture sector, says.
The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine received a clear message from farmers that there was a need to continue the simplification of the business environment and the development of clear “rules for the “game” in the agrarian market.

The trade part of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement becomes operational on 1 January 2016

Press reliase

On 1 January 2016, the European Union (EU) and Ukraine will start applying the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) which forms part of the Association Agreement signed in June 2014. The rest of the Association Agreement, containing political and cooperation provisions, has already been in force since November 2014. 

With the entry into force of the DCFTA both sides will ensure that markets for goods and services will be mutually opened on the basis of predictable and enforceable trade rules so that new opportunities will be created for the EU and Ukraine businesses, investors, consumers and citizens. By more closely aligning Ukraine’s regulations with EU legislation, the DCFTA will promote higher quality standards for products and will increase the levels of consumer and environmental protection. Economic cooperation and exchanges will also be enhanced, contributing to increased stability and prosperity for Ukraine.

Russia and Ukraine Finally Break Up

Russia and Ukraine have spent most of their post-Soviet history as Siamese twins, but for the last two years they've been undergoing political and economic separation surgery. It will probably be more or less complete in 2016, and though both twins are in for a grim period, the weaker one, Ukraine, has the better prospects in some ways.

Ever since Ukraine declared independence in August 1991, it sought to establish an identity that would set it apart from Russia. Its second president, Leonid Kuchma, even published a book called "Ukraine Is Not Russia" in 2003. In practice, however, Ukraine kept following its bigger neighbor even through its failed Westernization period of 2005 to 2010. It inherited the same basis for its legal system and government -- the Soviet bureaucracy -- and even attempted reforms often imitated Moscow's moves. When I moved from Moscow to Kiev in 2011, I felt no discomfort: Everything, from bureaucratic procedures to the pervasive corruption that made a mockery of them, was largely the same in the two countries.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Investing in Ukraine’s Future


Just over a year ago, President Obama signed into law the Ukraine Freedom Support Act, which provided congressional backing to sanctions on Russia following the Kremlin’s illegal annexation of Crimea and invasion of eastern Ukraine. Since then, sanctions have hurt Russia’s economy and prevented individuals in President Vladimir V. Putin’s inner circle from traveling to the West. The Obama administration should be commended for sustaining a successful sanctions regime.

But Washington must do more than just punish Russia. It must bolster Ukrainians as they struggle to build a new, reform-minded government while continuing to fight to maintain their country’s territorial integrity.

As winter sets in, the continuing war in Ukraine’s east has devolved into an economic siege as Russia leverages gas supplies, coal shipments and debt repayment to attempt to extract concessions from a Ukrainian government that is still battling Russian proxies violating the Minsk II cease-fire. With Ukraine’s economic output having shrunk by a quarter, the currency sharply devalued and a population fearful of an uncertain future, Ukraine is teetering on the brink.

Холодный мир. Кому выгоден срыв минских соглашений

В распахнутые двери роскошного зала Дворца Независимости в Минске входит Пётр Порошенко. Внутри перед сотнями телекамер и фотовспышек его приветствует белорусский президент Александр Лукашенко. В зале раздаётся крик: "Господин Порошенко, зачем ваши войска бомбят мирных жителей?" 

Эту провокацию устроил корреспондент Всероссийской государственной ТРК Павел Зарубин, и уже тогда стало понятно, что минские переговоры, начавшиеся 11 февраля 2015, будут сложными, а выполнение достигнутых договорённостей — ещё сложнее. 

По итогам пятнадцатичасовой встречи "нормандская четвёрка" не стала отвечать на вопросы журналистов — лидеры Украины, Германии, Франции и России ограничились короткими комментариями. "Ни на какой компромисс относительно федерализации мы не пошли, — делился с прессой маленькой победой Пётр Порошенко. — Ни автономии, ни федерализации в документе нет". 

Понимание права: субъект в правоотношении

Владимир Мачуський

Субъектам права, как особенностям, необходимо присуще противоречие, а противоречие особенностей устраняется через общее. Общим для субъектов права является правопорядок через особенное - правоотношения.

Правоотношения как особенное для субъектов права, имея своим истоком конкретное - интерес субъекта, стремится достичь общего - объективации интересов субъектов права (участников правоотношения).

Интерес, сначала как субъективное, переходит в объективное - интересы, которые являются объектом правоотношения. Сочетанием в объекте правоотношения интереса, как составляющей субъективного права и интересов, которые являются объектом правоотношения, достигается цель правоотношения - реализация интересов субъектов права и правопорядок.

Розуміння права: суб'єкт в правовідношенні

Володимир Мачуський

Суб’єктам права, як особливостям, необхідно притаманне протиріччя, а протиріччя особливостей усувається через загальність. Загальністю для суб’єктів права є правопорядок через особливе - правовідношення.

Правовідношення як особливе для суб’єктів права, маючи своїм витоком окреме – інтерес суб’єкта, прагне досягти загальності – об’єктивування інтересів  суб’єктів права (учасників правовідношення).

Інтерес, спочатку як суб’єктивне, переходить в об’єктивне - інтереси, які є об’єктом правовідношення. Поєднанням в об’єкті правовідношення інтересу, як складової суб’єктивного права і інтересів, які є об’єктом правовідношення, досягається мета правовідношення – реалізація інтересів суб’єктів права і правопорядок.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk: In contradiction to the fact that there hadn't been taken any correct decisions during the previous 22 years, we have been taking crucial decisions for the country for 22 months

"No crucial decisions for the country have been taken for 22 years. Someone had to do it. I decided that I would do it. And then history will judge whether it was right or not", said Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk during a press conference on the outcomes of 2015 on Tuesday, December 29.
Answering the question about possible resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers, Arseniy Yatsenyuk stressed: "Is it a resignation for we are no longer dependent on Russian gas? Or for we have restructured US $ 15 billion of debt? For we have overfulfilled the budget by 40%? Or for the fact that we have introduced sanctions against Russia? Or for we have increased funding up to 113 billion for the Army? Or for we have carried out the reform of the energy sector and provided subsidies for 5.2 million citizens of the country?"

The National Labor Relations Board (USA)

The National Labor Relations Board is an independent federal agency vested with the power to safeguard employees' rights to organize and to determine whether to have unions as their bargaining representative. The agency also acts to prevent and remedy unfair labor practices committed by private sector employers and unions.

The National Labor Relations Act provides the legal framework for private-sector employees to organize bargaining units in their workplace, or to dissolve their labor unions through a decertification election.

Employees, union representatives and employers who believe that their rights under the National Labor Relations Act have been violated may file charges alleging unfair labor practices at their nearest NLRB regional office. 

Happy New Year – And a moment to acknowledge you all!

Customary it is appears to have become to regurgitate “most read” or “favourite” posts throughout 2015 as the year inevitably draws to a close – this blog won’t.

Instead this last entry of 2015 will take the opportunity to wish a Happy New Year each and every one of the 130,000 readers who either mistakenly (in all probability), or deliberately (rather flatteringly) took their time – or indeed wasted their time – rummaging around in the meandering ruminations presented here, coping heroically with the grammatical errors and limited vocabulary that provide proof, if needed, that little time or effort is given to the daily offerings published.

Of the 130,000 readers that visited more than once, then it is humbling – or perhaps a rather sad reflection that there is such a limited commentary upon Ukraine (and Odessa) in the English language that you were forced to return through lack of alternatives.


Understanding the Law: the Person

Volodymyr Machuskyy

Understanding the Law is determined at least two things - a permanent self identity of the society and the Law by itself, as a general. The society is constantly identifies itself at each stage of its development through the understanding of the law and permanence of such identification makes it difficult to create a universal concept of the Law.

Each stage of development of society is characterized by its own understanding of the law. In this sense, "Chinese philosophers" of Roscoe Pound, "everything real is rational" of Georg Hegel or "Triangles" of Benedict Spinoza are not compatible with each other due to different stages of development of society, and not because of differences in thinking.

Order of the President of the Russian Federation of 30.12.2015 № 428-p "On the Russian Federation's intention not to become a party of the Treaty between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey on mutual legal assistance in civil, commercial and criminal cases"

Ukraine: Leaders Focus on Elections, Cease-Fire in East

The leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France are discussing elections in eastern Ukraine and want a lasting cease-fire that could bring the Ukraine conflict to an end in 2016.

French President Francois Hollande's office said in a statement that he spoke Wednesday by telephone with Russia's Vladimir Putin, Ukraine's Petro Poroshenko, and Germany's Angela Merkel about Ukraine.

It says they are committed to a cease-fire and the coordinated withdrawal of heavy weapons, and are paying special attention to preparations for local elections in the Donbass region. The statement says they called for a full implementation in 2016 of the Minsk peace agreement, signed in February.

President prolonged the Agreement between Ukraine and Malaysia on the investigation into the MH-17 tragedy

President Petro Poroshenko signed Law of Ukraine on Ratification of the Agreement (in the form of the Exchange of Notes) between Ukraine and Malaysia on Prolongation of the Agreement between Ukraine and Malaysia on Sending the Malaysian Personnel to Ukraine in connection with the MH-17 Tragedy of August 1, 2014.

The Agreement will be prolonged for one year. If necessary, the validity of the Agreement may be further extended by mutual consent.

The Law was adopted by the Parliament on December 25, 2015 and comes into force on the date of publication.

Как Екатерина ІІ поддержала польских олигархов-сепаратистов

История Речи Посполитой поразительно рифмуется с сегодняшней Украиной. В ней были и запоздалые государственные реформы, и безвольная центральная власть, и агрессия соседей.

Закат некогда крупнейшего государства Европы начался с предательства пророссийских олигархов-магнатов из юго-восточных областей (то есть, польских собственников украинских земель), желавших сохранить свои феодальные вольности в слабом государстве, а в результате потерявших и вольности, и государство.

Termination of Labour Contract on the initiative of the owner of Authorized by Him/Her Body by Ukrainian Law

It has the basic and additional grounds for termination of Labour Contract on the initiative of the owner of Authorized by Him/Her Body:

The basic grounds:

Art. 40 of Labor Code of Ukraine - "Termination of Labour Contract on the Initiative of Owner of Authorized by Him/Her Body":

Labour contract entered into for indefinite period of time, as well as term labour contract prior to completion of its validity period may be terminated by the owner or authorized by him/her body only in the following cases:

Labour Contract by Labor Code of Ukraine

Art. 21 of Labor Code – “Labour Contract”

Labour contract is an agreement entered into between the employee and the owner of enterprise, institution or organization or authorized by him/her body or individual according to which the employee shall undertake to perform work determined in this agreement subject to observance of internal regulations, and the owner of enterprise, institution or organization or authorized by him/her body or individual shall undertake to pay the employee salary and provide working conditions required for performance of work as prescribed by labour legislation, collective contract and agreement of the parties.

The employee shall be entitled to realize his/her abilities as to efficient and creative work by entering into labour contract at one or simultaneously at several enterprises, institutions or organizations, unless otherwise prescribed by legislation, collective contract or agreement of the parties.

Saakashvili visits Istanbul, agrees presentation of Odesa region's investment potential for Turkish businessmen

Head of Odesa Regional State Administration Mikheil Saakashvili has visited Istanbul (Turkey) at the invitation of City Mayor Kadir Topbas and during the visit discussed the possibility of disclosing the investment potential of the Ukrainian region for Turkish businesses.

"I've visited Turkey at the invitation of the mayor of Istanbul. Mayor Kadir Topbas showed the projects being prepared in the city. We also discussed the improvement of the Istanbul Park adjacent to the Potemkin Stairs of Odesa. The municipality of Istanbul will defray the expenses to turn the Istanbul Park into a very beautiful and comfortable place," Saakashvili wrote on his Facebook page.

According to him, the parties also agreed that to the opening of the park "we will bring a large group of Turkish businessmen to discuss investment projects of Odesa region, and at the end of January we will hold a presentation of the investment opportunities of Odesa region in Istanbul."

PM declares judicial reform as national priority for 2016

"My position was and remains the following: we need to replace all 9,000 judges, not just to redecorate [the judiciary]," stated Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk at a press conference on the outcomes of 2015, on Tuesday, December 29.
Arseniy Yatsenyuk has explained that redecoration of the judiciary looks like an imitation, when all those who judged illegally stay in their offices and continue judging illicitly.
The Prime Minister called the judicial reform "a national priority for next year": "You cannot fight corruption having the corrupt judicial system, because this means political or contract trials, bribery and lack of protection of rights and freedoms of citizens in this country. You cannot attract investors if there is no rule of law, no court able to protect, when you cannot bring to justice any official."

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Понимание права: лицо (личность)

Владимир Мачуський

Правопонимание обусловливают по крайней мере две вещи - перманентная самоидентификация общества и право само по себе, как общее. С помощью понимания права общество постоянно идентифицирует себя на каждом конкретном этапе своего развития и перманентность такой идентификации затрудняет создание универсальной концепции права.

Каждому этапу развития общества присуще свое собственное понимание права и в этом смысле "китайские философы" Роско Паунда, "действительная разумность" Георга Гегеля или "треугольники" Бенедикта Спинозы не совместимы между собой не столько из-за разхождений в мышлении, а именно из-за расхождений различных этапов развития общества.

Розуміння права: особа

Володимир Мачуський

Праворозуміння зумовлюють щонайменше дві речі – перманентна самоідентифікація суспільства і право саме по собі, як загальне. За допомогою розуміння права суспільство постійно ідентифікує себе на кожному конкретному етапі свого розвитку і перманентність такої ідентифікації утруднює створення всеосяжної концепції права. 

Кожному етапу розвитку суспільства притаманне своє власне розуміння права і у такому сенсі “китайські філософи” Роско Паунда,  “дійсна розумність” Георга Гегеля або “трикутники” Бенедикта Спінози  не сумісні між собою не стільки внаслідок розбіжностей у мисленні, а саме внаслідок розбіжностей у різних етапах розвитку суспільства і у часі.

Право само по собі, як загальне, намагається досягти безмежності і звідси виникає потенційна можливість існування безмежної кількості концепцій права. Звідси намагання створити всеохоплюючу концепцію права з позиції сучасного праворозуміння заздалегідь приречені на невдачу.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk: Russia's aim was to prevent implementation of FTA between Ukraine and EU. But it takes effect in full on January 1

"Russia’s objective was to prevent Ukraine from joining the common economic space of the European Union on January 1, 2016. It has nothing in common with the economy. It is just geopolitics," emphasised Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk during a press conference on Tuesday, December 29.
Arseniy Yatsenyuk stressed that the current year saw 16 rounds of trilateral consultations at the level of the European Union - Ukraine - Russian Federation as to technical modalities of implementation of the agreement on a free trade area between Ukraine and the EU: "Both Ukraine and the European Union will carry out the agreement on a free trade area, how we will implement this agreement, and whether there are any risks for the Russian Federation."

Open ended deadlines? – Minsk II

As all are well aware, 31st December 2015 was the deadline set within the Minsk II Agreement for its complete implementation.

As all are well aware, that deadline will pass without even a ceasefire worthy of the definition having come into effect, let alone the return of control of the Ukrainian border to the Ukrainians – or any of the other bullet points agreed that fall between ceasefire and restoration of territorial integrity.

Of course nobody actually expected that Minsk II would be fully implemented by 31st December 2015 as the agreement states, because in the absence of anything else, Minsk II is all there is – and therefore bumping and/or ignoring the deadline was obviously going to happen unless there was a severe “or else” as a consequence of failing to meet the 31st December deadline – and there wasn’t and isn’t an “or else” of any significants.

5 Tips for Planning for Divorce in Texas in the New Year

By Michael Wysocki 

We all have family members or friends who have been through divorce. Although societal stigmas may still exist to some extent, divorce is far less scandalous these days, and often viewed as something that just happens to some couples.  If you are divorcing, this is a healthy perspective for you to take and remember as you navigate the process and move forward.

Clients often say “Divorce is an emotional rollercoaster”, which is an incredibly accurate description. You pay a fee, stand in line, take your seat, strap in, lose control, get tossed about, and eventually come to the end.  Here in Texas, however, we understand the difference between riding the Judge Roy versus the Texas Giant (a patron recently died riding the Texas Giant).  While you may not avoid the ride, preparation can help dictate whether you are strapped in the Judge Roy or the Texas Giant.  Remember, in divorce, preparation isn’t just power, it’s everything.

EC allows exports of ten Ukrainian dairy producers to EU

The European Commission has granted ten Ukrainian dairy producers access to the EU market effective from January 10, 2016, Ukraine's Deputy Agrarian Policy Minister Vladyslava Rutytska reported on Facebook.

"The European Commission published its decision to include our companies specializing in milk production and dairy products processing in the official list of approved EU exporters. The resolution comes into force on January 10, 2016," Rutytska wrote.

The list of companies authorized to export dairy products to the EU includes enterprises of Milk Alliance Group (Yagotynsky Butter Plant and Zolotonisky Butter-Processing Integrated Works), Lactalis (Lactalis-Mykolaiv and LLC Molochniy Dim), Milkiland (Nedryhailivskyi Cheese Plant and Romny Dairy Combine Subsidiary of Ros Private Enterprise, Menskiy Cheese Subsidiary of Prometei Private Enterprise), Loostdorf Company, Lviv Cold Storage Facility and Gadyachsyr.

Preliminary list of banned Russian products published

The list of more than 30 products to be banned from entering the Ukrainian market was published on Tuesday on the website of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine.

In the framework of retaliatory measures to the expected introduction by the Russian Federation of a trade embargo against Ukraine, the Economy Ministry proposes to ban the imports of meat, fish, cereals, grains, bakery products, vodka, beer, cigarettes, confectionery, forage, some chemicals and railway equipment from Russian production to Ukraine starting January 10, 2016, according to the release published on the Ministry’s website.

Are You Sure that Public Wi-Fi Connection You’re Using Is Secure?

It’s that time of year. Rushing through the airport or train station. Visiting family and friends. Slipping away from said family and friends to catch up on work at the local coffee shop via Wi-Fi.

But here’s the $64,000 question: Are you sure that Wi-Fi connection is secure?

We’ve written about the dangers of public Wi-Fi before. And since I expect that many of us are using public Wi-Fi during our holiday travels, I thought that a quick reminder about the “rules” would be useful:

If you are exchanging anything sensitive, use a VPN. A virtual privacy network or VPN will provide a secure link from your wireless device to the server of the Wi-Fi network you are using. Without a VPN, that last link from the server to your wireless device is the least protected and most hackable.

Five Tips for Retaining Employees in a Competitive Business Climate


Attracting and retaining employees is always a challenge. After you provide an employee with a good job, training and development, customer contacts, and access to trade secret and other confidential information, it is discouraging, to say the least, when the employee then uses all of that to help another business compete against you. Regardless of your industry, it is critical to implement certain strategies to help reduce turnover, protect intellectual property, and improve your company’s economic performance. While you may not always be able to prevent an employee from working for a competitor, you can take certain proactive measures to encourage loyalty and retention, and to minimize the risks of unfair competition. These same tips can also help minimize the potential need for aggressive litigation through trade secret and other unfair competition claims.
Consider some or all of these options:

Підготовлено пропозиції заходів у відповідь на неправомірні дії Росії в торговельній сфері

Міністерство економічного розвитку і торгівлі України за участі центральних органів виконавчої влади підготувало пропозиції щодо дій України у відповідь на порушення Російською Федерацією норм міжнародного права щодо заборони ввезення товарів походженням з України та призупинення дії Договору про ЗВТ СНД. Пропонується запровадження ставок ввізного мита режиму найбільшого сприяння щодо імпорту товарів походженням з РФ, а також сформовано окремий перелік товарів, ввезення яких пропонується заборонити (перелік додається).

Так, 16 грудня 2015 року Президентом Російської Федерації було підписано Указ (№ 628) «Про призупинення Російською Федерацією дії Договору про зону вільної торгівлі по відношенню до України» (

Розуміння права: традиція, виклики, перспективи

Володимир Мачуський

Традиційне доктринальне праворозуміння обмежену існуючим категоріальним апаратом і проблемами гносеологічного характеру.

В англо-американській правовій сім'ї має місце непереборний антагонізм між юридичним позитивізмом і природним правом по лінії Herbert Xart - Ronald Dworkin.

В правовій сім'ї континентальному права (Сivil Law or Roman Law) має місце тенденція нескінченного пошуку критеріїв оптимального поділу права на галузі права, виявлення домінуючих галузей права, створення комплексних галузей права як рятівних штучних правових фікцій.

Understanding the Law: the movement of the Law

Volodymyr Machuskyy

Intellectual vanity denies the possibility of understanding the reality. It proclaims the limitations of scientific knowledge and creates scientific delusion - рhanomen of law  that is doomed to inaccessibility and an otherworldly existence.

Same starry sky to the untrained observer appears to be frozen, and the stars themselves immobile, but this observer can not stop the movement of the stars as well as  phanomen of law can not stop the movement of the Law as nomen - rolling forever, real and reasonably valid.

As water can be snow, ice and steam so and the Law can be in three states: a general, a particular and a single. The Law as the general is the Law itself and answers the question "what" (the cause). The law as a particular is action of law – a legal regulation and answer the question “how” (the action). The law as a single is object-matter of law – a law order and answer the question “why” (the purpose).

President: Efficient struggle against corruption is the main task for the Security Service of Ukraine

President Petro Poroshenko called corruption the main internal enemy of Ukraine. At the concluding meeting of the Security Service of Ukraine, the President called the struggle against corruption the main task for the Security Service in 2016. He urged to ensure further complex implementation of the anti-corruption policy in the judicial power and law enforcement bodies.

The Head of State noted that the Security Service efficiently combatted corruption in close cooperation with newly established National Anti-Corruption Bureau and Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecution.

“I expect greater efficiency of cooperation for every Ukrainian to notice progress in the fight against corruption in Ukraine,” Petro Poroshenko said.

Yatsenyuk names priorities of Ukraine for next year

NATO membership, restoration of territorial integrity, and prosperity of the Ukrainian population are the priorities of Ukraine for the next year.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk said this at the press conference on the results of the year, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.
"The national goal of the state is the restoration of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. This means return of Donbas and Crimea. Ukraine should become the member of NATO and this is the main objective of the reform of the defense and security sector of the country. Another goal is to increase the income of citizens and to create jobs in the country," Yatsenyuk said.

Ukraine's economy set to grow

K.Obukhovska, D.Sydorenko (UNIAN)
The Ukrainian economy may return to the path of growth in the coming year after a two-year fall, the Ukrainian analysts believe. UNIAN offers to take a glimpse at the macroeconomic consensus forecast for 2016.
According to the forecasts of top Ukrainian analysts interviewed by UNIAN, the country's economy could come back to the trajectory of growth in the coming year after a 12% fall in 2015 and a 6.8% drop in 2014. Thus, the GDP growth in 2016 will average 1%, while the industrial production will grow by 3% and inflation may slow down to 19%. Experts predict a rise in foreign reserves to $18 billion from the current $13 billion. At the same time the average annual rate should not fall below UAH 27 to the dollar, according to the experts.

Понимание права: движение права

Владимир Мачуський

Интеллектуальное тщеславие отрицает возможность постижения действительности, провозглашает ограниченность знания и создает научное заблуждение - рhanomen права, который обречен на недосягаемость и потустороннее существование. 

Так же звездное небо для неискушенного наблюдателя кажется застывшим, а сами звезды неподвижными, но наблюдатель не может остановить движение звезд, так и рhanomen права не может остановить движения права как nomen - вечно подвижного, реального и разумно действительного.

Розуміня права: рух права

Володимир Мачуський

Інтелектуальне марнославство заперечує можливість осягнення дійсності, проголошує обмеженість знання і створює наукову оману - рhanomen права, який приречений на недосяжність і потойбічне існування. 

Так само зоряне небо для недосвідченого спостерігача видається застиглим, а самі зірки нерухомими, але спостерігач не може зупинити рух зірок, так і рhanomen права не може зупинити руху права як nomen – вічно рухливого, реального і розумно дійсного.

Рух права зумовлює можливість перебування права в трьох станах: загальності, особливості і окремості. Право як загальність або ідея це взагалі право і відповідає на питання “що” (причина). Право як особливість це дія права – правове регулювання і юридична визначеність і відповідає на питання “як” (дія). Право як окремість це мета права – правопорядок і відповідає на питання “навіщо” (мета). 

Putin’s No-Spin Zone

Russian political talk shows have become circuses of angry pensioners, cornered liberals, and camo-clad Ukrainian rebels. And they’re more popular than ever.

SCOW — It’s a Sunday evening in early February, three days before European leaders are scheduled to meet in Minsk for fresh talks to end fighting in Ukraine’s east. On TV screens across the city, Muscovites have tuned in for the weekly political talk show, Norkin’s List.

As the lights dim, the bespectacled, gray-haired host, Andrei Norkin, turns to the camera.

Will America lead the world into another war? How do we prevent the impending catastrophe? Those are the most popular questions of the past week, and perhaps only a few hours remain to find answers. Good evening, this is Norkin’s List.”