Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Перед боем. Беседа с Юрием Фёдоровым

How to Promote Your Startup With Facebook Ads

Anyone who has ever built a startup knows that having a great idea and executing it well doesn’t guarantee success. After all, if no one knows about your product or service, they won’t use it. That’s why it’s important to prioritize marketing from the start.

A Facebook ad campaign can help spread brand awareness in a big way. Facebook ads give startups the opportunity to reach many potential customers at a relatively low cost.

However, you shouldn’t merely create a Facebook ad and blindly publish it to the world. This platform allows marketers to fine-tune their campaigns, and the recent introduction of Facebook dynamic creative ads  have made optimization the easiest it’s ever been.. If you’re marketing a startup via Facebook for the first time, use the following tips to maximize your ROI. If you can, we also recommend working with a Facebook advertising agency to get the best results.

Start With a Custom Audience

When you publish an ad on Facebook, you can customize your audience with a variety of tools. For instance, the Custom Audience from Your Website  tool allows marketers to reach Facebook users who have either visited or taken an action on their websites. Granted, if someone has already visited your site, they’re already familiar with your brand, but if you’re a young startup, they may not have been able to make use of your services yet. 

If your goal is to spread brand awareness and reach new customers for the first time, you can use Facebook’s Custom Audience tools to target people who belong to specific demographic groups, have specific interests, or live in specific areas of the world. You can even customize your audience based on their behavior. For example, if you’re marketing an app that’s only available on iOS, you can fine-tune your custom audience to reach people who purchase Apple products and download apps regularly.

Keep an Eye on Analytics

If this is one of your first Facebook ad campaigns, it’s best to try multiple strategies. Facebook offers analytics tools that let you gauge how successful a given campaign is. 

Testing multiple strategies can be as simple as targeting multiple custom audiences with the same ad; Facebook doesn’t limit you to one custom audience. However, if you want to test multiple, distinct ads, you can also take that approach with dynamic creative ads.

After a campaign is complete, use Facebook’s Ad Manager to find out what the average “cost-per-click” was for each subgroup. The lower the CPC, the better.

Enhance Your Next Campaign

Don’t simply assume that the custom audience with the lowest CPC is the best possible custom audience you can create. For your next campaign, open the Audience Insights tool in Facebook’s Ad Manager. With this tool, you can get even more information about people who engaged with your ads. The data tells you where your customers live, what age groups they tend to belong to, and a lot more.

Your next ad campaign should be even more successful than your first given the tool and information at your disposal that you can cull from the first campaign. Facebook gives you the tools to ensure this happens, and you can also partner with a marketing service to help you along the way.

For young startups, it’s especially important to design Facebook ads that direct customers to specific sections of your page. Simply linking to the homepage might generate some brand awareness, but it won’t provide customers with useful information. You’re better off linking to something more specific, like a blog post or landing page. 

Getting users to know about your business is certainly crucial, but getting them to take action is even more important. By applying these tips, you can not only reach the right people with your Facebook ads, but also turn them into loyal customers.

Friday, April 2, 2021

Правда о событиях в Мытищах

Маленькая победоносная. Беседа с Романом Цимбалюком


Чому Байден говорив із Зеленським | Віталій Портников

“Mystical tourism” to be developed in Ukraine

 Ukraine has many architectural objects with a bright historical past. Therefore, the state began working on a new concept of mystical tourism.

In any society there is always a part of people who are attracted by something unfamiliar, unknown, something that is difficult to explain rationally, related to mysticism.

Ukraine as a country with a rich historical past, developed mythology has something to offer the world.Mysterious caves, romantic ruins, mentions of ghosts in castles and palaces, folk mystical customs, “bald” mountains, Carpathian molfars, natural anomalies, mysterious stories – all this is in Ukraine and attracts tourists.


Путин готовит «маленькую победоносную войну»? | НАТО на максимальной гот...