Tuesday, June 25, 2019

ПАСЕ. Россия - Украина. Марк ФЕЙГИН. Все плохо? Стрим, прямой эфир, тран...

Ждем еще! В ПАСЕ была не последняя сдача интересов Украины - Алексей Гон...

Во время войны президент Украины бегает с шаурмой по фонтану и делает селфи с чуваками. В это время Ляшко защищает Украину и стыдит европейцев за продажность. Абсурдней времён ещё в Украине не было.

PACE passes resolution allowing Russia to return to organization

Ukrainian delegation suspends participation in PACE

Ukraine's National Bank showcases brand new UAH 1,000 banknote

Austrian court green-lights extradition of businessman Firtash to U.S.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Interview with Ukraine president Zelensky: I will tell Putin: Crimea is Ukraine




Хочеш заговорити англійською? Хочеш “розв’язати” англійську і зробити це в комфортній обстановці і в зручний для тебе час? Хочеш підняти рівень розмовної англійської з досвідченим викладачем і носієм мови з Лондона? Хочеш отримати “два в одному” – розмовну англійську і знання юридичної термінології і основ англійського і європейського права?
Якщо “ТАК”, то реєструйся на тренінг Деніса Лайонса з англійського і європейського права для українських юристів.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Barrasso Bill Helps NATO Allies Increase Energy Security and Escape Bullying by Russia

Over 600 U.S. companies urge Trump to resolve trade dispute with...

Vilkha MLR systems set to be accepted for service with Ukraine Army: defense minister

Дело и митинг Голунова. Кадыров ломает пальцы. Мы уедем от вас в Канаду

Дело и митинг Голунова. Кадыров ломает пальцы. Мы уедем от вас в Канаду

Россиян на*бали / ВСУ заставляли портить флаг "ЛНР" / У нас ЮБИЛЕЙ | Вечер #30

Putin says relations between Russia and Ukraine to be "inevitably rebuilt"

Council of Europe praises judicial reform in Ukraine

Putin says U.S.-Russia relations are getting 'worse and worse'

Turkey’s Three Moments of Truth

Department of Labor Proposes New Rules on Joint Employer Standard

False Friends - Disinformation Review:

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

U.S. Plans New Military Deployment in Poland

Germany Could Lure Away a Quarter of Poland’s Ukrainian Workers

Kroger to start selling cannabis-based products

Кто заказал Голунова? Связь ФСБ и московской мафии

Over 9 bcm of gas stolen from Ukraine by Russia: Zerkal in The Hague

Constitutional Court in Ukraine proceeds to closed-door part of hearings on Rada dissolution move

Ukrainian aviation products to enter Turkish market – memorandum

План П и плохой вариант для слуги народа

Zelensky asks parliament to dismiss chief prosecutor Lutsenko

Monday, June 10, 2019

Key issues to consider when negotiating a commercial lease overseas

Training & Coaching for Law Firms, Lawyers and Counsel

Портников: Новые олигархи Украины - Белый дом, Кремль, Евросоюз

Молдова на троих: будущее для Украины

Digital Single Market: Europe announces eight sites to host world-class supercomputers

How Corporations Can Better Work With Startups

Zelensky Administration recommends Lutsenko pay attention to visits of Boiko and Medvedchuk to Russia

Zelensky's envoy to Constitutional Court: Move to dissolve Rada in line with Basic Law

Zerkal reveals details of hearing at PAC behind closed doors

Exclusive: American banker and Putin ally dealt in access and...

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Outrage at acquittals in rape cases sparks calls to fix Japanese law


No change in Turkey’s course on S-400 deal: Turkish officials

Seimas of Lithuania recognizes 1944 Crimean Tatars deportation genocide

Russia Detains Journalist on Drug Charges, Rattling Media Community

Here’s a Guide to the U.S. Antitrust Case Against Big Tech Companies

A California Legislator Battles Big Tech Over New Privacy Laws

Hong Kong plunged into political crisis after huge protest against...

Week's balance: Cabinet "freezes" electricity tariffs for households, obliges Naftogaz to reduce gas prices, while National Bank keeps key rate unchanged

Servant of the People Party presents TOP 20 of electoral list

Friday, June 7, 2019

Putin stands by China, criticizes U.S., in trade, Huawei disputes

How South Korea Could Win, and Lose, in Trump’s Tech War

Helping Stay-at-Home Parents Reenter the Workforce

Zelensky discusses High Anti-Corruption Court launch with its leaders, Supreme Court president

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky met with head of the Supreme Court Valentyna Danishevska, and head of the High Anti-Corruption Court (HACC) Olena Tanasevych to discuss the HACC launch.
"We want to help the HACC solve problems to enable its swift launch," Zelensky was quoted by his press service as saying on Friday.
Efficient anti-corruption action is a requirement of Ukrainian society, the meeting participants said.
The attendees additionally discussed the HACC's readiness to begin work on September 5, in particular as regards premises and workplaces for judges.

СРОЧНО! Зеленский Похвалил Верховную Раду

Lawyer: Dmytro Firtash could be extradited to U.S. by early July

Eastern Partnership joint declaration on transport cooperation

Rada adopts law envisaging procedure for president's impeachment

'No more stolen sisters': 12,000-mile ride to highlight missing indigenous women

Ukraine's New Leader Hits Roadblocks Built by Hostile Parliament

How Fiat Chrysler’s Proposed Merger With Renault Crashed

Federal Indian Law as Paradigm Within Public Law

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

#KuToo no more! Japanese women take stand against high heels

Пропаганда при Путине. СССР 2.0

Договір не є первинним документом

Ukrainian Court to Rule on Legality of President’s Snap-Vote Bid

Russia's comments about jurisdiction of UN's ICJ shows its contempt for law, delaying hearing – Zerkal

Russia appeals arbitration rulings in Ukrainian companies' lawsuits with Swiss Supreme Court - Justice Ministry

Handziuk murder case: All five suspects plead guilty

Zelensky meets with Juncker in Brussels

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Russia has withdrawn key defense advisers from Venezuela

U.S. Now Requiring Visa Applicants to List Social-Media Names

The U.S. now wants to know the social-media user names of people applying for visas, part of stepped up screening of foreign visitors and immigrants.
The change, first announced last year and taking effect this month, follows on a 2017 order by President Donald Trump requiring heightened vetting for visa applicants, according to a State Department official.
An estimated 14 million travelers and 710,000 immigrants to the U.S. each year will be affected by the changes, according to notes in the Federal Register.

Навальный о реакции пропагандистов на сериал «Чернобыль»

Saturday, June 1, 2019

The Mueller Report: Watch As We Read The Whole Thing Live

Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday to discuss key shared priorities, including supporting Ukraine and countering Russian aggression.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy: Ukraine continues to move towards deepening integration with the European Union

Supreme Court decides not to freeze assets of Ukrainian subsidiaries of banks with Russian public capital

Dispute over cake packaging design between Roshen, KyivBKK considering in Ukraine's Supreme Court

What is the best result of early parliamentary elections for Ukrainians?