Sunday, June 20, 2021

Chernobyl bicycle and water routes are open!

On June 22, cycling and water routes will be resumed in the exclusion zone on the territory of the Chornobyl Radiation and Ecological Reserve.

Routes are checked and approved, special attention is paid to radiation-dosimetric control. According to expert estimates of SSE “Ecocenter”, the control levels of possible exposure will not be exceeded.

There will be a total of five water and one bicycle routes, namely:
№14: Uzh River – Pripyat River – the city of Chernobyl
№15: Dnieper River – Pripyat River – Dnieper River – Teremtsi village
№16: Dnieper River – Pripyat River – the city of Chernobyl
№17: Dnieper River – Pripyat River – Railway Bridge
№18: Dnieper River – Pripyat River – Braginka River – Ladyzhychi village
Cycling route: Checkpoint “Green Cape” – Otashiv village – Kupovate village – Opachychi village.

From June 22, thanks to these routes, you will be able to see the usual Chernobyl places from an unusual angle and discover new interesting trails and places.



#372 Большой разбор саммита Байден-Путин

Крымский потоп | Крымчане взорвались гневом к оккупационной администраци...

Refurbished Mariinsky Palace opens its doors to public again


Mariinsky Palace used to be nothing more than another distant government building that the public could only glance at from behind the fence reported in Kyiv Post’ article.

The 18th century palace has been closed to visitors for almost 12 years, undergoing renovation to restore its baroque image with a distinctive turquoise facade.

Though the works finished in 2017, the building has since been mainly used for political receptions and inaccessible to the public. In 2020, Mariinsky Palace finally started welcoming visitors, but the operations were constantly interrupted by COVID-19 quarantine restrictions.

Located in the governmental quarter, the palace is still used by the president to host foreign delegations, but it also now offers tours. And they do far more than give curious eyes a look at the inner workings of the political kitchen, as Mariinsky has much to tell about the history of Kyiv and of Ukraine.

“It is the face of our country,” says Kyiv guide and historian Lyolya Filimonova.

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Monday, June 14, 2021

Ukraine has entered the “green” zone even according to EU criteria

All regions of Ukraine are in the “green” zone in terms of the incidence of COVID-19, which reached the lowest figures over the last year. This was discussed at a conference call chaired by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

According to Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal, 420 new patients with COVID-19 have been detected over the past 24 hours. This is the lowest figure over the last year.

“All regions of Ukraine are in the “green” zone. According to the criteria of the European Union, Ukraine has also entered the “green” zone as of today. We have a rate of 74.71 cases per 100 thousand population with the EU criteria of 75 cases per 100 thousand population,” said Denys Shmyhal.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Ukraine simplifies border crossing for foreigners

A Cabinet of Ministers resolution that allows foreigners entering Ukraine to present not only PCR tests but also antigen tests or a document on vaccination came into force from June 8, the Ukrainian State Border Guard Service has reported.

According to the report, Cabinet of Ministers resolution No. 583 of June 2, 2021 amended the government resolution establishing quarantine and introducing restrictive anti-epidemic measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In particular, the list of documents with which foreigners are allowed to cross Ukraine’s border during quarantine restrictions and avoid self-isolation has been expanded.

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Як Брежнєв переплюнув Сталіна у зросійщенні // Історія без міфів

Investment nannies in Ukraine

Why do Ukraine need “Investment nannies”?

No matter how developed an economy might be, and in spite of the modernizing nature of the global economy, the production of goods and services remains tied to essential raw materials.

Here the Ukraine has a clear and present advantage, particularly in the agricultural sector. However, margins in primary industries are small as a percentage of overall global profitability, the money lies in the refining and processing of such raw materials and the production and sale of finished goods.

Ukraine would do well to take advantage of this reality, gearing investment incentives towards industries with high added value, such as agri-tech, green energy, the chemical industry, and electronics. In the ever-waging regional battle for crucial foreign investment, the adoption of legislation tailored towards stimulating activity is a prerequisite for remaining competitive.

Арестович: "Politeka: ответы на вопросы зрителей», 03.06.21