Sunday, September 5, 2021

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Best Pro Scooters Under $200

Shopping for a pro complete scooter, isn’t as easy as it sounds. With no experience you might think a scooter is a scooter, but that isn’t the case with pro scooters or stunt scooters. Checkout these tricks, but you won’t be able to do any of them on a regular scooter. They’re too big and unbalanced to pull off tricks and stunts effectively. 

After researching beginner stunt scooters for almost a year before selecting one for my son, I found out reading scooter reviews isn’t enough. So I created this buying guide to help other parents find beginner stunt scooters for less than $200. While shopping pro scooter for kids, there are quite a few factors, price range, deck size, flex brake, military grade or not, 120mm wheels, scooter brand, to ultimately select your pro trick scooter.

Stunt scooters are lighter and more aerodynamic than regular scooters, allowing you to perform tricks with greater ease and dexterity. They’re a great scooter for kids as beginners learning the ropes of freestyle scootering because they’re made for lasting a long time.