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Це Іловайське поле вбивства. Тут у 2014 році вторгнення російської армії обіцяло безпечний вихід для оточених українських військ і вбило майже всіх, у тому числі поранених. Нині він покритий червоними маками, що нагадує про кровопролиття, що сталося тут. Фото (C) @ nickye6666

Van Hollen, Rubio Press for Action on Bipartisan DETER Act

Russia Secretly Offered Afghan Militants Bounties to Kill U.S. Troops, Intelligence Says

Open letter: Covid-19 crisis threatens democracy

Swiss court finds ex-MP Martynenko guilty of money laundering, sentences him to 28 months in prison

EU holds off decision on borders, Americans set to be excluded

Предчувствие передела. Беседа с журналистом Игорем Яковенко

Таблетки побєдобєсія у дії. МЗС РФ вимагає вивести війська НАТО з України

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Legal form of economic activity

The Law has no material form. The Law exists only in our imagination and our thinking, as well. Legal regulation (laws and court decisions), on the contrary, exist in material form only.

Volodymyr Machuskyy Sr.

Economic activity necessarily has an economic content. Due to legal regulation, any economic activity takes on a legal form. Thus, in some cases, economic activity is economic by content and legal by form.

The legal form of economic activity is a legal relationship. Legal regulation and legal relations are determined by the interrelation. Legal regulation as a special, has its origin in the general – the law, and seeks to achieve a separate – the specification of the rights and obligations of the subjects of law (participants in the relationship).

Green Deal: key to a climate-neutral and sustainable EU

Parliament wants the Green Deal to be at the core of the EU’s Covid-19 recovery package. Find out more about this roadmap for a climate-neutral Europe.
During the coronavirus pandemic economic activity slowed, causing a reduction in carbon emissions but leaving the EU facing recession. In a resolution adopted on 15 May 2020, Parliament called for an ambitious recovery plan with the Green Deal at its core.

In response, the European Commission came up with Next Generation EU, a €750 billion recovery plan. The plan, along with the next EU long-term budget which still needs to be approved by member states and Parliament, aims to build a greener, more inclusive, digital and sustainable Europe and increase resilience to future crises such as the climate crisis.

Portman Announces Senate FY 2021 NDAA Includes Key Improvements to Americans’ Commitment to Ukraine Assistance

Government green lights e-residency in Ukraine

Today, the Government adopted a resolution that gives the green light to the e-residency project. An experiment on the implementation of this project will start on July 1. The relevant procedure has also been approved.
E-residency is a project of the Ministry of Digital Transformation. It is designed to make Ukraine a more attractive country for foreigners. This is a special status of a foreign citizen in Ukraine, which opens access to information and consulting services, simplifies the procedures for obtaining administrative services and concluding civil law agreements, as well as gives foreigners the opportunity to remotely laucnh and conduct business in Ukraine.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

США попередили Путіна: "Надумаєш когось знову загарбати - відключимо все!"

Ukraine’s Armed Forces receive Javelin missiles

#ЦейДень 24.6.1746 - указом Єлизавети землі запорізького козацтва на схід від Кальміуса були віддані донському козацтву

Zelenskyy's party leaders call their cheesy comments targeting their female colleague in a live video stream "a doctored recording". They talked to each other believing to be off the air

Friday, June 19, 2020

Zelensky: Total recall of Yanukovych times

"Private military companies - one of the" favorite "destabilizing means of the Russian Federation" - Deputy Minister Yehor Bozhok

Artificial Intelligence and Legal Reality

Volodymyr Machuskyy Sr.

Obviously, a legal reality is different from everyday social life. A legal entity, an artificial intelligence (AI) and the individual as such, in the legal sense, become some conditional concepts – subjects or objects of law.
For example, from the legal point of view, it does not matter the height and weight of the buyer of real estate. The importance is his rights and the legal capacity of the buyer, his property status and financial capabilities.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Зеленський тупіший за Януковича? Навіщо зе-влада займається політичними ...

"Inciting #religious #hatred": #SBI confirms another #investigation targeting #Poroshenko in #Ukraine https://bit.ly/2Yg1UCa

СУД НАД ПОРОШЕНКО — УГРОЗА ДЛЯ УКРАИНЫ. Этот «бумеранг» ударит по нам всем

Green finance: Parliament adopts criteria for sustainable investments

EU leaders to support extending Russia economic sanctions, sources say

Путін готує армію до удару по Україні. Чи готовий Зеленський до відсічі?

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Відбулась презентація “Помічника підприємця” та посібника “Легкі перевірки: порадник для бізнесу”

15 червня у приміщенні УКМЦ відбулась презентація функціоналу порталу “Помічник підприємця” на платформі inspections.gov.ua та посібника “Легкі перевірки: порадник для бізнесу”, покликаних спростити підготовку підприємців до зустрічі з державними інспекторами.
Обидва інструменти створені за ініціативою Програми USAID “Конкурентоспроможна економіка України” та у співпраці з Офісом ефективного регулювання BRDO та EasyBusiness та є абсолютно безкоштовними для користувачів.

Trump signs police reform order to end 'patterns of failure'

Корчинський - справа Стерненка, Рабінович, Коломойський, Ощадбанк, Опоблок

Fiscal Transparency Report - United States Department of State

Saturday, June 13, 2020

«Минфин засекретил данные по ВВП за май».

Ukraine alleges $5 million bribe over Burisma, no Biden link

The economics of being a feeder country: Turning threats into opportunities

Россия в ярости из за участия переселенцев в переговорах по Донбассу

Про Єрмака та ЗЕ.

Влада намагається завадити політичній діяльності п'ятого Президента та лідера "Європейської Солідарності" Петра Порошенка - адвокат Ілля Новіков

Dirty fuel: Ukrainian separatists sell pilfered coal to keep the war economy rolling

Ukraine reports 753 new coronavirus cases, bringing total to 30,506

Friday, June 12, 2020

Polish president issues campaign pledge to fight 'LGBT ideology'

Ukraine becomes participant of NATO's Enhanced Opportunities Partnership

Government opened checkpoints at the airports of Ukraine and allowed entry for foreign citizens

На жаль, у нас до влади зараз знову прийшли "совки", які не здатні привести Україну до чогось якісного.

The withering away of the law and order and the advent of the harmony of law’ era (Utopia)

“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers”. William Shakespeare’s Henry VI, Part 2, Act IV, Scene 2.
Volodymyr Machuskyy Sr.
The law and order in context of movement of law is the Law’s order – an awareness form of being of Law. Unconscious form of existence of law is the legal order or the law and order in the usual sense. In essence, this law and order or legal order is a surrogate of real Law’s order.
The Law’s order cannot be forced. The Law’s order is possible through the law consciousness. The deformation of the law consciousness leads to the offense. So the Law’s order disappears and there is No Law that falls under the legal order.
Imperfection of personality leads to continuous improvement of legal order. The perfect person does not need to change the rules for a long time, BUT the law person does not need the laws at all.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Портников: Кардинальные перемены в Украине к осени и гибель расизма на З...

Crimea - United States Department of State

Andy Williams ~ The Shadow Of Your Smile (Live)

Poroshenko is suspected of impelling SVR head to exceed his authority – PGO

How EU countries will open up in June and July

Євросоюз може почати відкривати кордони з 1 липня

#PodorozhUA: Legal Bike Rides over Kyiv

EU ambassadors have now given green light to prolong the EU's #Crimea investment ban by one year. no changes.

Hold officers accountable who use excessive force. But there’s no evidence of systemic racial bias by police, writes @HMDatMI https://wsj.com/articles/the-myth-of-systemic-police-racism-11591119883 via @WSJ

IMF approves 18-month $5 bln Stand-by Arrangement for Ukraine with immediate disbursement of $2.1 bln – IMF

Saturday, June 6, 2020

#PodorozhUA: Legal Bike Rides

“Legal Bike Rides” is recommended for viewing through a laptop
All pictures are posted here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/WqaWmTG9MokmTbSs7

1. Start.

The journey begins in a residential area of Kyiv – South Borshchagivka. This area was built during the existence of the Soviet Union.
There are many grocery stores and pharmacies here. There are so many pharmacies that in Italy I could not believe my eyes: I couldn’t find a single pharmacy. Here you are: over-the-counter antibiotics.
There are also many old panel houses and beautiful girls. Every third girl is a James Bond girl).
To read the full story here: https://www.businesslaw.org.ua/podorozhua/

Intellectual Vanity and Movement of Law

Vanity Fair is an English novel by William Makepeace Thackeray
Volodymyr Machuskyy Sr.
Intellectual vanity denies the possibility of comprehending reality, proclaims the limitations of knowledge and creates a scientific fallacy – a phanomen of law, which is doomed to unattainability and otherworldly existence.
Similarly, the starry sky for an inexperienced observer seems frozen, and the stars themselves are motionless, but the observer can not stop the movement of the stars.
Thereby, the рhanomen of law cannot stop the movement of law as a nomen – eternally moving, real and reasonably real.

Angela Merkel in conversation with Volodymyr Zelenskyy supported reformatting of the Trilateral Contact Group

The End of College as We Knew It?

Curfew in NYC...Saturday night....7th Ave...The Village

Что такое "антифа", которое хочет запретить Трамп

There’s a big “diff”... Putin has forced Ukrainians to make a choice. Will they finally take a stand?

Табах: Что происходит в США, при чем тут Россия и что делает Трамп? Sobi...

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Aviation Safety: Commission adopts new EU Air Safety List

The European Commission today updated the EU Air Safety List, the list of airlines that are subject to an operating ban or operational restrictions within the European Union as they do not meet international safety standards. The Commission wishes to ensure the highest level of air safety for all passengers travelling in the European Union.

Following today's update, all airlines certified in Armenia have been added to the list, after further assessment of the country's safety oversight capabilities. This decision follows the hearings of the Armenian Civil Aviation Committee (CAC) and six Armenian air carriers.

A Farewell to Law

In a broad sense, the law is about relations between people in the context of freedom and justice.
Starting in a winter and ending in a summer, this semester gave me the opportunity to communicate with smart young people – students of international economics and management of business organizations.
As there are no identical students, so there are no identical semesters. Students and the atmosphere of learning determines the essence of the semester.
This semester reigned an atmosphere of mutual respect, mutual understanding, tolerance and creative freedom.
In my opinion, there was a mutual enrichment of the knowledge of both students and the teacher.

The Law Also Rises: Becoming

The scientific knowledge of law aims at two interconnected things: a) obtaining a true knowledge of law and b) an identification of law’ patterns in all its manifestations.
Traditional doctrinal legal understanding is limited by the categorical apparatus and problems of epistemological nature.
On the one hand, there is a long-standing hopeless controversy about the choice between the rule of law or judicial discretion.
On the other hand, there is an endless searching of criteria for the optimal structuring of law by branches of law.

The Lion King and Denis Lyons

As a matter of fact, there is no direct connection between the Lion King and Denis Lyons, but more on that below. The thing is that, despite my mature age, I continue to learn English.
A new generation of Ukrainian and foreign students has appeared in Ukraine, who studies economics and law in English.
While lecturing for them, I needed to learn English, and I set to work on this difficult task. But to study you need a teacher and preferably a good one. And to learn English, a good teacher is doubly needed.
Like everyone, I started attending English courses. This is a good pastime, but nothing more. The more I advance in courses, the more steps I have ahead. You can go to these courses for years. I heard that some do. I can’t blame them.

Quarantine restrictions to be further relaxed – a Government decision

At its session on June 3, the Cabinet of Ministers has adopted a decision to further gradually lift quarantine restrictions.
In his statement, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal stressed that currently, Ukraine preserves a plateau stage in the cases of coronavirus infection. "For a week now, the number of those who have contracted the infection has, in fact, not been growing or falling. That is why we must remain careful and responsible," the Head of Government highlighted.
At that, Denys Shmyhal is convinced that in most regions the situation is completely under control. "Therefore, the model of adaptive quarantine allowed to launch another wave of quarantine restrictions weakening from June 1. In most of our regions, the gyms, fitness centers, swimming pools were allowed to resume operation, as well as it applies to interregional bus and railway communication."

Катар и Аравия добuвают Газпром! Новости на SobiNews

��Прямим текстом: Нам пороблено – вдома ми, як на чужині❗

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