Sunday, December 31, 2017

President's New Year address

Dear fellow Ukrainians!
First of all, let us rejoice at our fellow citizens who recently came back from captivity to friends and relatives. Thank God, we managed to wrest them from the enemy’s torture chambers.
Let us congratulate the Ukrainian warriors with great respect. They firmly hold the line on the east frontiers. We will continue to reinforce the new army - our pride and our glory.
Let Crimea and Sevastopol, Donetsk and Luhansk hear my sincere wishes through the artificial delimitation lines. Brothers and sisters, your home is Ukraine… At some point we will banish and punish the robber who plundered our home.
I convey sincere greetings to our international partners. USA has just announced a decision to supply modern defensive weapons to us. A step in this direction was made by Canada and other states. The European Union extended sanctions against the country-aggressor as well.
And the decision of the Stockholm arbitration tribunal was made as if it is a Christmas gift. It protected us from the extremely unfavorable conditions of the gas contract of the ninth year.
Once again, I congratulate hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who have already used the visa-free regime. And millions who will take the advantage of it in the future. I congratulate all of us on our resolute and irreversible movement towards Europe. Last year's festive night we only made a wish for the visa-free regime and now it came true.
Still with mistakes, but we move forward. After several years of crisis caused by the war, we are switching to recovery and development.
Huge gratitude to all of you for everything the country has achieved. This is the result of our joint work.
The Government should speed up the pace of growth in the new year. The improvement of the level of life noticeable for the majority of Ukrainians is essential. And we are capable of that.
As President, I will provide the political conditions necessary for the economic growth. We should take away the matches from those who want set fire to the house from the inside. We should open fire on those who will attack us from the outside. We should cherish our unity as the apple of one’s eye.
Optimism, faith in our country, our forces are our main resource. Everything will be alright. For this, as archbishop Lubomyr Husar told, we should pray as if everything depends on God and work as if everything depends on us.
I wish Ukrainian citizens and Ukrainians all over the world peace, happiness and prosperity!
Happy New Year!
Glory to Ukraine!

Happy New Year!

Zhevago takes control of Espreso TV

Ukraine, UAE launch visa-free travel on New Year's eve

Visa-free travel between Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was launched on Sunday, Dec 31, according to Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin.

Russia and Turkey Seal Deal on Controversial Missile System

Sale of S-400 missile system has added to concerns Ankara is turning away from the West

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Nobody's Ready for the Killer Robot

Sexual Harassment Settlements With Nondisclosure Agreement Will Not Be Deductible Under New Tax Law

Russia is biggest culprit of spreading fake news, says survey of UK social media users

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Poroshenko has signed the moratorium on land sales

Ukraine hostages freed after police storm post office

Year’s balance: thorny road to bright economic future

Year of agrarian contrasts

Kyiv today: Park Shevchenko

Poroshenko signs State Budget-2018

United States of Europe

Friday, December 29, 2017

An Open-Office Survival Plan

Итог-2017: терпение США лопнуло, Украина получит оружие

From Bitcoin to Belize, Here Are Best and Worst Assets of 2017

Ukraine launches 2nd stage of judicial reform – Poroshenko

Интервью Курта Волкера (спецпредставителя Госдепа США по вопросам Украины)

"Нужно время и безопасное пространство, чтобы можно было выполнить требования Минских соглашений: провести местные выборы, провести избирательную кампанию, в конце концов, чтобы Верховная Рада начала процесс амнистии, чтобы специальный статус регионов, за который Рада уже проголосовала, был приведен в исполнение после выборов. Для всего этого и нужны миротворческие силы на Донбасе." 

Working Wise: Internal Investigations of Employment Matters

Thursday, December 28, 2017

What Makes the U.S. Retirement System a Bad Example

Романенко и Арестович: итоги 2017

Detainee Exchange Between Ukraine and Russia-Led Forces

Press Statement
Heather Nauert
Washington, DC
December 28, 2017

The United States welcomes yesterday’s exchange between the government of Ukraine and Russia-led forces in eastern Ukraine of more than 300 detainees. This exchange is one step toward implementation of the Minsk agreements. We once again call on the sides to fully implement their Minsk commitments including through a true “all-for-all” detainee exchange; a full ceasefire; the withdrawal of heavy weapons; safe and secure access for OSCE Special Monitoring Mission monitors; and humanitarian access to the conflict zone.

The benefit information:


Prisoners with “added value”

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Is it about free speech? Or just money?

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The U.S. Is Becoming the World’s New Tax Haven

New York governor questions the constitutionality of federal tax overhaul

South Korea and Japan clash after Seoul dismisses deal on wartime sex slaves

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Romania's ruling party wants to soften corruption rules

Biometric control system starts trial run at 2 checkpoints on Ukrainian-Russian border

Court is adjourned (for as long as possible)

Ukraine’s faults and successes in international politics in 2017

Prisoner swap in Donbas over: 74 Ukrainians going home

It’s not easy, but nonresident cannabis entrepreneurs can set up shop in California

10 Predictions for What 2018 Will Bring for Legal Tech

Реєстрація бізнесу в Китайській народній республіці

 Микита Тіхоновголовний редактор блогу про Китай ""

Китай – держава з однїєю з найпотужніших економік світу. Величезний ринок сбуту КНР є привабливим для будь-якої міжнародної компанії, що має на меті закріплення власних позицій у азиатському регіоні. Саме тому питання реєстрації бізнесу на території цієї країни є пріорітетним для будь-якої сучасної компанії.

'No one wants it to end': Ukrainian civilians bear brunt of Europe's longest conflict since the Second World War

EBRD in €25 million loan for biogas plant at Ukraine’s MHP

Companies of Akhmetov, Firtash, Tigipko, Koretskyi and DufEnergy licensed to supply gas in Ukraine

Lutsenko vows seizure in 2018 of another UAH 5 bln stolen by Yanukovych team

Ukraine to file more suits against Russia in The Hague – MFA

Ukrainian hostages to be exchanged at Maiorske checkpoint near Horlivka – media (Photo)



Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Berlin offers new model for Turkey, EU

О решении ЦИК России о недопуске Алексея Навального к участию в президентских выборах 2018 года

Decision of the Russian Central Election Commission to bar Alexei Navalny from running in the 2018 Presidential election

The EU isn’t punishing Poland. It’s protecting its integrity as a bloc

How the EU failed to prevent the Catalan 'train crash'

DUI and marijuana: What are the rules?

Under the influence, or impaired = illegal

How to Serve Process in Spain

Many State and Local Minimum Wage Increases Will Go Into Effect on January 1, 2018


Javelin Missiles for Ukraine

Russia is unhappy the U.S. is selling antitank weapons to Kiev.

President on the release of Ukrainian hostages: Nothing is more important than the return of our people

Austrian Supreme Court orders stay of Firtash's extradition to United States pending review

Amsterdam confirms Saakashvili's right to Dutch citizenship

Monday, December 25, 2017

Inside a Russian disinformation campaign in Ukraine in 2014

Павел Казарин: Законы мирного времени

Europe's 'best-kept secret' - its booming bio-economy

Week’s milestones. Russian spy in PM team, pacified Saakashvili, and deferred reintegration

Monument to Boris Derevyanko (and de facto the longest trial in Ukrainian history)

Where Are the Truth-seekers?

Tomorrow's Lawyers: An Introduction to Your Future by Richard Susskind

Nota bene: Narcissistic Personality Disorder

A Guide to Signs, Diagnosis, and Treatment

The Background

It’s a nice feeling to be admired. It naturally makes us feel good and feel important. And, yes, we sometimes boast and brag on ourselves as well. But, if people start describing you as cocky, manipulative, and demanding, you might be suffering from a more serious condition. Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder affecting approximately 1% of the population1, with a greater prevalence in men than women. It is characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance, a lack of empathy for others, and a great need for admiration. The hallmark definition of narcissistic personality disorder is grandiosity – the exaggerated sense of self-importance.  If you are living with this disorder, you may be preoccupied with power, prestige, vanity, and may think you deserve special treatment and fame.


Russland versteht keine andere Sprache

Et la parole des femmes se libéra

U.S. Decision to Send Lethal Arms to Ukraine Signals Tougher Stance on Russia

Decision follows an uptick in fighting in eastern Ukraine, months of frustration over stalled talks

All terms agreed: prisoner swap between Ukraine, militants scheduled for Dec 27

FBI investigates Russian-linked Cyprus bank accused of money laundering

Кремлёвский ждун