Wednesday, January 31, 2018

In Cold War Echo, Russia Returns to U.S.’s Backyard

I'm in My 60s -- Proof That It's Never Too Late to Launch a Startup

So kuschen die ostdeutschen Ministerpräsidenten vor Putin

Second Trump-Russia dossier being assessed by FBI

Exclusive: How AI is Transforming Hotel Experiences for Consumers

Josephine Perry
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The modern consumer has no shortage of information when they prepare to make a spending decision. At any given time, they have several options and a wealth of information that can be used to learn about different offerings.
In this environment, hotels have to find ways to stand out from their competitors and build brand loyalty among their customers. Hotel guests have high standards for what they consider acceptable service and they want accommodations that offer an experience that is best suited to them.

Ex-PM Azarov, ex-governor of NBU Arbuzov put on wanted list under Boiko's 'oil rigs case'

Ukraine removes five countries from tax havens watchlist

Dangerous distortion of history: where could Poland’s scandalous law lead

Marijuana Justice Act of 2017

Marijuana’s prohibition and gradual legalization in the United States has had a significant economic impact on those left in its wake. On one hand, the punitive approach to marijuana use taken by local and state law enforcement agencies has had pernicious economic consequences for low-income and minority individuals and communities.

On the other, marijuana has shown itself to be a profitable cash crop in states that have legalized it and has represented a multibillion-dollar state-sanctioned industry to a newly minted class of entrepreneurs.

Invitation: Ukraine Breakfast Debate with Liubov Akulenko on the implementation of the Association Agreement in Ukraine

February 8, 2018 8:30 am

We are pleased to invite you to our fourth Ukraine Breakfast Debate on 8 February from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. on the topic of “EU-Ukraine Association Agreement: Major Achievements and Challenges of the Implementation in Ukraine”. The Debate is organized within the framework of our project “Platform for Analytics and Intercultural Communication”(PAIC) which aims to promote professional expertise among Ukrainian think tanks, the creation of synergies between German and Ukrainian think tanks and the transfer of knowledge about processes in Ukraine to Germany.

Drums beat for new US and EU sanctions on Russia oligarchs

California becomes “sanctuary state”

Seven reasons to pay attention to new Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Corporate Enforcement Policy

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The U.S. List of Russian Oligarchs Is a Disgrace

Oleksandr Turchynov: The first test of the Ukrainian cruise missile has been carried out

Moscow, Washington to decide on peacekeepers in Donbas after Russian election – Stratfor

Report to Congress: Senior Foreign Political Figures and Oligarchs in the Russia Federation (Section 241)

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Monday, January 29, 2018

Trump administration declines to apply new Russia sanctions, for now

Survey: Corruption is main problem for business community in Ukraine

Week’s milestones. Significant anniversaries, revival of Central Election Commission, and updates from political parties

Azov/National Corpus to patrol the streets of Kyiv?

Auch Menschen wurden Abgastests ausgesetzt

Syria’s future on table at Sochi conference

Moskau wappnet sich gegen amerikanische Vergeltung

Who Profits From The Broken Russia-Ukraine Peace Deal?

Brexit: Council (Article 50) adopts negotiating directives on the transition period

Poland's reputation at risk in 'death camp' law

Your startup should not be an LLC

Top 10 Predictions for the E-Discovery and Cybersecurity Job Market in 2018

#ThomsonReuters: Data Privacy Advisor

11 Years After Default, I Am Now Free Of Private Educational Debt

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Why Puerto Rico Does Not Need Further Experimentation with Its Future: A Reply to the Notion of “Territorial Federalism”

This Commentary attempts to refute the most recent academic proposal regarding the resolution of Puerto Rico’s status, a postulate which has been labeled “territorial federalism.”
The underlying premise of this rebuttal is that this “new” scheme is not only not new, but is in fact a repackaging of the same unequal colonial relationship that has been in place since American troops landed in Guánica in 1898.

The Plot Against America

5 Things To Do Before You Search For A Franchise

Battle of Kruty

The Battle of Kruty took place on January 29 or 30, 1918 (in Soviet historiography January 29, 1918), near Kruty railway station (today the village of Pamiatne, Borzna Raion, Chernihiv Oblast), about 130 kilometres (81 mi) northeast of Kiev, Ukraine, which at the time was part of Nezhinsky Uyezd of Chernigov Governorate.

Battle of Kruty: Part of Ukrainian-Soviet War (1917-1921)

The Battle of Kruty took place on January 29 or 30, 1918 (in Soviet historiography January 29, 1918), near Kruty railway station (today the village of Pamiatne, Borzna Raion,Chernihiv Oblast), about 130 kilometres (81 mi) northeast of KievUkraine, which at the time was part of Nezhinsky Uyezd of Chernigov Governorate.

As Bolshevik forces of about 4,000 men, commanded by Mikhail Muravyov, advanced toward Kiev, a small Ukrainian unit of 400 soldiers of the Bakhmach garrison (about 300 of which were students), commanded by initially by Captain F.Tymchenko, withdrew from Bakhmach to a small railroad station Kruty midway towards Nizhyn

Week’s balance: Poroshenko vows reform to IMF and investors, NBU ups outlook for economy growth and fights inflation

What happened to Poland? How Poles drifted from Europe into populist authoritarianism

Was there a Rule of Law in the Ottoman Empire?

Was there a Rule of Law in the Ottoman Empire?

Back on the tourist trail: the hotel where women were raped and tortured


Saturday, January 27, 2018


Санкционный капкан захлопывается

Свобода или единство?

Law on "Bandera ideology" dangerous not for Ukraine, but for Poland itself – Viatrovych

Obesity can qualify as a disability under CA law – Cornell v. Berkeley Tennis Club

Questions That Mueller Might Ask Trump

Украина: Гражданская война или внешняя агрессия?

FBI: Mikhail Lesin Part 01 of 01

In Ukraine, Putin’s Words Ring Hollow as the War Drags On

Meeting between the President of Ukraine and the U.S. Secretary of State: Ukraine and USA agreed to restore the functioning of the Commission for Strategic Partnership

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry concerned over Poland's ban on Ukrainian nationalist ideology

National champions wanted

No right to show weakness

Venice Commission disagrees with Hungary's demands for changes to Ukrainian 'law on education'

New poll shows Russians are defiant in face of U.S. sanctions

President Donald Trump's Davos address in full

Friday, January 26, 2018

U.S. extends sanctions against Russia over aggression in Ukraine

Information related to 12 Russian companies has been updated.

The United States of America has introduced sanctions against some Russian energy companies and individuals over Russian aggression against Ukraine. The U.S. Department of the Treasury has published a Specially Designated Nationals and Sectoral Sanctions Identifications List Update on its website.

Алексей Навальный: Посмотрите и сами поймёте, что надо делать 28.01

Это самый короткий пост о том, почему вам не стоит сидеть дома 28.01, а стоит найти свой город в этом списке и идти на улицу, чтобы спасать своё будущее.
Краснодар. Школа №11.

Останетесь дома — ваши дети будут это петь.


#PATLive: Legal Answering Service

The Untouchables: 10 powerbrokers who have escaped being charged with big crimes

Criminal group led by former Ukrspyrt director plotted terrorist attacks against state institutions

Symposium: Whose side is the First Amendment really on?

Ukrainian President in Davos: Ukraine is different now and we are waiting for the investors

President Petro Poroshenko is glad that the Ukraine House has been established in Davos for the first time in many years. “And the slogan: creativity, innovation, opportunity - is the best characteristics of Ukraine,” the President said in the investment panel of the Ukrainian Association of Venture and Private Capital in the Ukraine House Davos. He thanked the organizers and sponsors of the platform, as well as the enthusiasts who came to Dabos to deliver truth about Ukraine.

Anti-Corruption Court critical for cooperation with Ukraine – World Bank

Setting up the new High Anti-Corruption Court in Ukraine is critical for the country’s continued cooperation with the World Bank, said Satu Kahkonen, the Bank’s Country Director for Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine. The National Anti-corruption Bureau and the Special Anti-corruption Prosecutor’s Office had already forwarded to court some 90 corruption-related cases but no rulings were handed down ever since, the WB representative said, speaking at a TV panel show on 1+1 TV channel.  

Davos 2018: Donald Trump to address World Economic Forum - live updates

Davos 2018: Donald Trump to address World Economic Forum - live updates

Why legalization of marijuana may not be the best idea

The Guide to Damages in International Arbitration

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Ukraine proposes a law that infuriates Russia

Russia's 73rd humanitarian convoy crosses Russia-Ukraine border

A National Bureau of Financial Investigations – Investor Confidence?

Briefly, on #Poroshenko’s 3 main achievements and 3 main failures, as #President of #Ukraine since 2014

Hungary demands legal guarantee from Ukraine on education law

US invites EU to blacklist Russian oligarchs

Vermont’s Governor Signs Recreational Marijuana Law