Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Trump administration stalled on whether to arm Ukraine

Amy Howe: No new grants today

The Dark Side of AI in Law

The Russian State’s Lost Birth Certificate

US representative for Ukraine Volker: DPR and LPR do not belong in the Donbas negotiation process

Ukraine four positions up in Doing Business 2018 ranking

Ex-head of Ukraine's State Affairs Department Bakai detained in Moscow – media

Interior minister Avakov about charges against his son: "Not a penny from the budget"

Supreme Court warns Odessa Police over interference with judiciary

Ukrainian President started an official visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Justice commissioner links EU funds to 'rule of law'

Turkey’s Ukrainian Gambit

« Tournons-nous vers le Québec et le Canada pour répondre à la crise catalane »

The Manafort Indictment

Mueller’s charges relate to money-laundering cash from Ukraine.

Lawmakers turn to tech sector for answers on 2016 election

10 laws that can spoil your Halloween

Halloween laws: No masks, no clowns, no nuns

Britain: The Empire that Never Was

Brexit sold the country a dream; ostensibly a project built on anti-migrant sentiment, it also invoked delusions of grandeur, rooted in reanimating the glorious days of imperial rule and global British hegemony. Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit speech announced a vision for a ‘Global Britain’ – ‘a great, global trading nation that is respected around the world and strong.’ 

Can Harvey Weinstein Be Successfully Sued? (Part II)

Machine unreadable

State Marijuana Laws: Employers Get By With a Little Help From Their Lawyers

Monday, October 30, 2017

5 Reasons Tech Companies Should Consider International Arbitration

Futile Effort, New Maidan, or Neither? October Protests in Kyiv

Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey launch new Asia-to-Europe rail link

#IRSTaxTip: Four Things to Know about Taxes and Starting a Business.

New business owners have tax-related things to do before launching their companies. IRS.gov has resources to help. Here are some items to consider before scheduling a ribbon-cutting event.

Choose a business structure
When starting a business, an owner must decide what type of entity it will be. This type determines which tax forms a business needs to file. Owners can learn about business structures at IRS.gov. The most common forms of businesses are:
Determine business tax responsibilities 
The type of business someone operates determines what taxes they need to pay and how to pay them. There are the five general types of business taxes.

Paul Manafort, Who Once Ran Trump Campaign, Surrenders to F.B.I.

Poroshenko signs law on ratification of two protocols to European Convention on Human Rights

These 13 Wire Transfers Are A Focus Of The FBI Probe Into Paul Manafort

MEPs demand Cyprus open up over Russia money laundering

Why Italy's New Electoral Law Doesn't Get Five Stars

Апелляционный суд подтвердил разрешение на монтаж турбин Siemens в Крыму

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Укримпатент: регистрация торговых марок и страдания сознательных граждан

После публикации текста о нотариате, волной принесло гневные комментарии юристов о том, что, дескать, существуют разные системы права и, вообще, не стоит совать нос туда, в чем не разбираешься. Забавная логика, если учесть ,что статья была написана с позиции обывателя.  То есть теперь, перед тем ,как вставить вилку фритюрницы в розетку, обязательно убедитесь, что помните развернутую диаграмму  синусоидального  тока. Ну, вы в курсе, график зависимости переменного тока от времени…

The Way to Fix the Volcker Rule

Fitch Affirms Ukraine at 'B-'; Outlook Stable

Ukraine's ratings reflect weak external liquidity, a high public debt burden and structural weaknesses, in terms of a weak banking sector, institutional constraints and geopolitical and political risks. These factors are balanced against improved policy credibility and coherence, the sovereign's near-term manageable debt repayment profile and a track record of bilateral and multilateral support.

Volker on Russian peacekeepers in Donbas: "I can't imagine it"

100 Years After the Balfour Declaration, a Commemoration Rekindles Mideast Quarrels

Some hail a 1917 British pledge as Israel’s ‘foundation stone,’ while others decry it as highhanded imperialism that stifled Palestinian rights

Путин не уйдет с Донбасса, но американцы готовят Кремлю трагедию

США готовы ударить новыми санкциями по России в ответ на вмешательство в американские выборы. Вместе с тем, президент РФ Владимир Путин пытается рассорить Украину с западными союзниками в связи с событиями на Донбассе. А представитель Госдепа США Курт Волкер в Киеве намерен донести до украинской власти мнение о необходимости принятия закона, касающегося деоккупации ОРДЛО. Такое мнение "Апострофу" высказал военный эксперт и блогер Алексей Арестович.

The Vory (Thief in Law) in Ukraine

Ukrainian deputies unveil details of discussion with Volker on UN peacekeeping for Donbas

Ukrainian President honored the deceased on occasion of the 73rd anniversary of the liberation of Ukraine from the Nazis

Огляд деякіх методів оцінки вартості стартапа та нормативно-правова основа ведення діяльності стартапів

Don’t forget about basic meal and rest break obligations

Robert Mueller Russia inquiry: first charges have been filed – reports

Економіко- правовий алгоритм створення стартапу та огляд видів господарювання у США та Голландії

Friday, October 27, 2017

The importance of guardian decisions in elder care

Commission to invest €30 billion in new solutions for societal challenges and breakthrough innovation

"Russian aggression only increasing": Parubiy tells Volker about Ukraine's losses in Donbas

U.S. State Department names Russian defense, intel firms under sanctions law

First on CNN: First charges filed in Mueller investigation

Где искать миллиарды Януковича?

How to Read the JFK Assassination Files

CAATSA Section 231(d) Defense and Intelligence Sectors of the Government of the Russian Federation

CAATSA Section 231(d) List Regarding the Defense Sector of the Government of the Russian Federation
Admiralty Shipyard JSC
Almaz-Antey Air and Space Defense Corporation JSC
Dolgoprudny Research Production JSC
Federal Research and Production Center Titan Barrikady JSC (Titan Design Bureau)
Izhevsk Mechanical Plant (Baikal)
Izhmash Concern JSC
Kalashnikov Concern JSC
Kalinin Machine Building Plant JSC (KMZ)
KBP Instrument Design Bureau
MIC NPO Mashinostroyenia
Molot Oruzhie
Mytishchinski Mashinostroitelny Zavod
Novator Experimental Design Bureau
NPO High Precision Systems JSC
Oboronprom OJSC

Ilmi Umerov and Ahtem Chiygoz return to Ukraine

EU to grant 89.5 million euros to support implementation of reforms in Ukraine

The Catalan parliament's a resolution that declared the creation of an "independent sovereign, democratic and social state" (PDF)

President of Ukraine held a meeting with CEO of ENGIE

Ukraine Expects Trump to Approve Arms Deliveries

Ukrainian lawmakers are optimistic that the White House will give the green light for long-sought weapons.

Exit Strategies for Startups

Book review: Justice Scalia’s living words


What’s Your Problem? The Differences Between AI and Analytics

Ukraine’s Financial Future: Between Default and Prosperity

Catalonia declares independence from Spain, direct Madrid rule looms

Anti-Bribery and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Compliance Guide for U.S. Companies Doing Business in India

Anti-Bribery and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Compliance Guide for U.S. Companies Doing Business in India

Odessa pilot project to be rolled out nationally (Bench marking?)

Thursday, October 26, 2017

EBRD supports expansion of Ukrainian retailer Novus



Countering Russian Influence in Europe and Eurasia Act of 2017 (an update)

«Стартап: Інтелектуалізація економічного розвитку в Україні. Формування економічних та правових регуляторів».

Президент Казахстана одобрил переход на латинский алфавит

We Are Witnesses: A portrait of crime and punishment in America today.