Sunday, March 11, 2018

President on NATO's recognition of the aspirations of Ukraine to become a full member: Our next ambition is the Membership Action Plan

President Petro Poroshenko expressed gratitude to NATO for the strong support of Ukraine and stressed that one of the key priorities of the national security of our country is to achieve the criteria for membership in the Alliance.
"I welcome the important, long-awaited and logical decision of NATO to increase Ukraine's ambitions regarding the Alliance," the President said on his official Facebook page.
"This became a recognition of the real state of our relations with NATO. We discussed this during our last meeting with the NATO Secretary General in Munich, as well as the recent phone conversation with the Vice President of the United States," Petro Poroshenko said.

"Our next ambition is the Membership Action Plan for Ukraine. This was the subject of my letter to Jens Stoltenberg (NATO Secretary General - ed.) of February 2018, where, with reference to Article 10 of the North Atlantic Treaty, I formally stated Ukraine's aspiration to become a member of the Alliance," the Head of State emphasized.
"The quiet diplomacy for advancing our principled positions, as agreed with our partners, gives its significant results," Petro Poroshenko said, adding: "We are moving forward confidently".