Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Apart from providing solution to one of India’s biggest challenge which is the unorganised sector for tax and financial planning, we also help in seeding new and innovative ideas of entrepreneurship in the minds of millions of youngsters and pave the path for the next generation of entrepreneurs by inculcating social responsibility and a true happy work spirit.

1.6 million registered as refugees from Donbas and Crimea

Today in Legal Artificial Intelligence

Итоги визита Александра Лукашенко для Украины

U.S. envoy Volker: More Russian tanks in occupied Ukraine than tanks in Western Europe combined

Ukraine army to get new types of weapons soon – Turchynov

EU consumers show growing demand for cross-border online shopping, new survey reveals

California Cannabis Countdown: San Francisco

Help Finding an Affordable Home

Turkey’s Year of Turmoil

Anhörung von Jared Kushner: Zwei ziemlich praktische Wissenslücken

On Russia, Congress shows remarkable unity

British Ambassador Gough: Security of Ukraine is security of Europe

Prime Minister: Land reform is a pressing issue which requires in-depth discussion

AI May Soon Replace Even the Most Elite Consultants

EU General Data Protection Regulation: A Summary for Non-EU Businesses

Poland's President Says Enough Is Enough


Poverty, Indigeneity and the Socio-Legal Adjudication of Self-Sufficiency

In 2013, Darlene Necan, a homeless First Nations woman from northern Ontario, Canada, began the construction of a modest one-room cabin on an off-reserve Saugeen territory in Savant Lake — land formerly occupied by her parents, and passed down through a verbal agreement recognized by the Anishinabek Nation. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

How to Manage Non-Disclosure Agreements

EU increases pressure on Facebook, Google and Twitter over user terms

I Fell for a Phishing Email, and the Law Couldn't Help Me

Top money-making opportunities for renters

Explained: What Sparked Temple Mount Crisis and Where Do We Go From

Oil for food

Jared Kushner

Lessons from Europe’s Fight Against Russian Disinformation

EU Commission unmoved by Polish president's veto

Polish justice system 'sick': report

Ankara, Berlin resolve row over German companies

Это уже не просто новые санкции, это — принципиально новые подходы США к давлению на преуспевающую российскую элиту

Week’s milestones. Calculated escalation, overhaul by Groysman, and imitation of mobilization

Exclusive: Germany wants wider EU sanctions blacklist on Russia over Siemens Crimea turbines -sources

Situation Update, east of Ukraine as of morning, July 24, 2017

Oxford university in fake awards farce


Володимир Мачуський

З моменту здобуття незалежності українська держава і суспільство існують у нових соціальних, економічних і правових умовах. 
У сфері соціальних відносин змінились зміст і напрямки діяльності держави. Зміна економічних умов, зокрема, знайшла свій вияв у проголошенні Українською державою непорушності приватної власності і свободи підприємництва. Радянська держава, всі її органи діяли на основі соціалістичної законності, а в Україні визнається і діє принцип верховенства права. 
Нові умови існування держави і суспільства зумовили необхідність критичного переосмислення основних положень теорії права, зокрема вироблення нових або оновлення попередніх правових понять і категорій.

No Half Measures

The war of words, and at last the word “war” – A Donbas reframing ahead

EU ready to retaliate against US sanctions on Russia

Macron’s Uphill Battle Against France’s Labor Law

Sunday, July 23, 2017

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Law by Roscoe Pound (PDF)

Готовь санкции летом: Конгресс США включил Россию в мировую «ось зла» вместе с Ираном и Северной Кореей

H.R.4278 - Ukraine Support Act

S.2828 - Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014

The North Atlantic Treaty (1949)

Арестович: Европа приняла важное решение по Украине

Trump supports bill that would slap new sanctions on Russia, spokesperson says

Встретились! Мама Виктора Агеева увиделась с сыном в украинском СИЗО. ВИДЕО

Volker: Hot war not frozen conflict in Donbas (Video)

How to Develop and Use a Good Executive Summary

Wanderer above the Sea of Fog

Can you (and should you) sue over food poisoning?

Bitcoin’s Existential Crisis: making a decision with billions at stake

Украина передала в суд ООН доказательства преступлений РФ

Ukraine Bans Auditor PricewaterhouseCoopers

The Trial by Franz Kafka (PDF)

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer Speaks at the Cambridge Public Library

Tories promote the right to choose your own sex

EU demands right to child benefits even after Brexit

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Робота в інтересах Кремля. Велика група експертів нав’язує Україні капітуляцію

Численні виступи в українських ЗМІ великої групи політологів і аналітиків демонструють останнім часом певну спільну тенденцію. Це постійне нав’язування українцям думки про неможливість перемоги над агресором через «об’єктивні» обставини, через переважаючі ресурси і військово-економічний потенціал Росії. Звісно, мало хто з речників фундацій і дослідницьких центрів формулює свою позицію чітко і однозначно, все зводиться до натяків у стилі «ну, ви ж самі розумієте…»

Конституционный суд: возвращение статус-кво

Putin's No Good, But Where's the Alternative?

U.S. lawmakers reach deal on Russia sanctions bill, creating limits for Trump

Germany says Crimean turbine scandal souring relations with Russia: paper

Japan House: Tokyo’s New Public Diplomacy Push

Ukrainian interest. Anniversaries with follow-up, revival of cooperation, and Lukashenko in Kyiv

When to File Your Adjustment of Status Application for Family-Sponsored or Employment-Based Preference Visas: August 2017

A “Macroneconomic” Revolution?

H. R. 3203: To provide congressional review and to counter Iranian and Russian governments’ aggression.

SBU says they prevented Russia-staged attempts to seize public receptions of Ukrainian PGO, Poroshenko's administration

KIEF and Interfax-Ukraine launch information project for foreign investors

Week’s balance: IMF allows postponement of land reform, prime minister finds hub for low cost air carriers, Ukraine boosts trade

Labor Department Whistleblower: Agency Officials Intentionally Denied or Delayed Pay-Outs to Nuclear Workers in Hopes They Would Die

Government attorney who raised red flags said Perez, other Obama officials ignored his complaints about hostility toward nuclear-worker claims

Recommended summer reading for human resources and managers

Polish senate approves bill to give government influence over courts

Friday, July 21, 2017

The Interior Ministry of Ukraine will deepen cooperation with France in the field of civil security.

Russie : ce qu'il faut retenir du débat entre Alexeï Navalny et Igor Strelkov

Turkey's Erdoğan tells Germany to 'pull itself together'

Spannungen zwischen Berlin und Ankara: Ein Jahr, ein zerrüttetes Verhältnis

The Magnitsky Affair and Russia’s Original Sin

Poroshenko says 11,000 people killed since beginning of conflict in Donbas

Eleven thousand Ukrainians have been killed since the beginning of the Russian aggression in Donbas, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said.
"Eleven thousand Ukrainians have given their lives over all the days of the aggression, without making a distinction between civilians and the military," Poroshenko said in Kyiv on Friday.

Research: Moral Appeals Can Help Reduce Tax Evasion

Ukraine confiscates Odesa refinery

President Trump’s Contempt for the Rule of Law

China's Trafficked Brides

Bitcoin averts split as miners back new software upgrade

PM advocates large fund to promote Ukrainian startups be set up

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman stands for the creation of a large fund to support Ukrainian startups, which can be financed from the state budget and by attracting large international investors. The Head of Government aired the aforesaid proposal during a meeting with members of the Supervisory Board of Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association" which has a mission of establishing international connections at the industry and government levels, as well as facilitating the motion of knowledge and capital in both directions.

Economy Ministry promulgates list of state enterprises to be privatized

Meeting between the Presidents of Ukraine and Belarus: The Ukrainian-Belarusian border will never be a border of war

Trump Shakes Up Legal Team in Face of Growing Mueller Probe

U.S. and Exxon Spar Over Russia Sanctions Violation

Treasury cites energy giant’s dealings with Russian oil executive in notice for $2 million fine; the company says it will challenge findings

Taking the slow boat to an Anti-Corruption Court


П’ятнадцять "беркутівців", причетних до розстрілів на Інститутській, отримали громадянство РФ (документ)

"Balance of Power vs. Perpetual Peace: Paradigms of European Order from Utrecht to Vienna, 1713-1815"

Stella Ghervas (2017). "Balance of Power vs. Perpetual Peace: Paradigms of European Order from Utrecht to Vienna, 1713-1815", The International History Review, 39, 3 (2017): 404-425.

How to Keep it Brief: The No. 1 Secret to Shortening Your Meetings

EU tells UK to drop demand for criminal checks on EU citizens

What does ‘the crowd’ Want? Populism and the Origin of Democracy

The liberal critique of the recent rise of populism reveals an uneasiness toward ‘unruly’ emotional crowds and their leaders’ anti-democratic postures – albeit these figures have captured political power through democratic means.[i] Trump, Le Pen, Modi, and Erdogan have indeed stirred nationalist emotions and collective energies in explosive directions. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Everything You Need to Understand About Trump and Russia

Baroness Hale of Richmond 'to become first woman appointed as Britain's most senior judge'

Where Is China's Corruption Crackdown?

Ankara-Berlin ties hit low amid war of words

Повторное разграбление, или Во что государству и налогоплательщикам обходятся банкротства банков

Odessa MP appearing in the Trump-Russia orbit? Not quite

Backstage и полная версия дебатов Навального и Стрелкова TV Rain TV Rain

Polish parliament steps up showdown with EU

Customs Union: EU customs seized over 41 million fake goods at EU borders last year

IMF says Ukraine’s land reform not a "must" for another bailout tranche

Ukraine-EU trade turnover up 22%


U.S. fines Exxon Mobil over Russia sanctions violations

Ustawa o Sądzie Najwyższym autorstwa PiS przyjęta

Exxon оштрафовали за сделки с Игорем Сечиным

Pension reform, privatization, anti-corruption efforts required for fourth review of EFF