Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Taras Kutovy resigns as Minister of Agrarian Policy & Food

Press Briefing on the FY2018 Budget

Joint Statement Between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United States of America

  1. "At the invitation of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, the King of Saudi Arabia, President Donald J. Trump of the United States of America made an official visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from Saturday, May 20, 2017 to Monday, May 22, 2017."

Всемирный банк: Доклад об экономике России

Dutch senators poised to back EU’s treaty with Ukraine in key vote

Government is considering the implementation of projects to generate solar energy in the exclusion zone - results of the meeting chaired by Prime Minister

Transcript of Trump's speech in Saudi Arabia

Poutine rencontrera Macron le 29 mai à Versailles, « malgré les divergences »

Le président russe avait dû renoncer à venir en France en octobre en raison des contentieux portant sur l’Ukraine et la Syrie.

Ukraine Stands Firm With Crimea’s Tatars

Managing Political Speech In The Workplace

Manchester Arena explosion live updates: City unites in defiance after suicide bomber kills 22

Monday, May 22, 2017

У МВС розкрили подробиці видворення керівника інформаційної служби телеканалу "Інтер" (документ)

Senate of Washington State (USA) adopted a resolution on the Day of Holodomor in Ukraine of 1932-1933.

The decision was taken unanimously.
The main authors of the resolution is Washington legislature Senator from Republican party Mark Miloscia.
Honorary Consul of Ukraine to Seatle Valery Goloborodko, who took part in hearings, handed over a letter of appreciation from Ambassador of Ukraine to the USA Valeriy Chaly to Lieutenant-Governor of the State of Washington, President of the Senate Syrus Habib.

Оплатите им чайную ложечку за четырнадцать тысяч рублей - Алексей Навальный

Shuvalov PNG’d from Ukraine

Main results of the General Affairs Council (Art.50)

Russo-Japanese Relations On Track for Confidence Building

La victoire de Macron fait dérailler la Russie

Die Abtrennung der Ostukraine scheint beschlossen

Flynn to decline Senate subpoena in Russia probe: media

8 new game-changing laws for renters

Finding a good apartment in a hot real estate market has always been a challenge. But in some places, the demand for rental housing—inflated by millennials who can’t afford to buy a house and baby boomers trading mortgages for rent receipts—is spiraling out of control, with one recent Harvard study calling it the highest it’s been in 50 years.

Poroshenko, Merkel discuss scenario of pressure on Russia to make it implement Minsk accords

EU names date when visa waivers for Ukraine to take effect

We are interested in training of our Special Operations Forces to gain combat ability, Stepan Poltorak to U.S. and NATO SOF generals

W czerwcu i lipcu TK zbada wybór I prezesa SN oraz trzech sędziów TK

Facebook flooded with 'sextortion' and revenge porn, files reveal

Doing Business in Saudi Arabia 101: Investing in the Kingdom

Paul Manafort’s Lucrative Ukraine Years Are Central to the Russia Probe

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Trump Budget Would Convert Many Overseas Military Grants to Loans

Lawmakers worry plan would strain some critical relationships

Page Not Found: Russian social nets ban

Kyiv, Kytaivo today

Italy's New Flat Tax For First-Time Residents

Seven Keys to Choosing Your Cannabis Business Law Firm

Арестович о запрете ВК и Одноклассники

Democracy Is Not Your Plaything

When the circus comes to Washington, it consumes everything, absorbs all energy.

President: The map of Ukraine was purified from the names of its torturers and there is no place for communist idols in our country

What It Will Take to Stop Corruption in Brazil

Sweden Drops Assange Rape Case But UK Cops Ready To Pounce

State border guard service finishing installation of 'wall' in Kharkiv region, works underway in Sumy, Luhansk regions

Ukraine: 11 best places to visit

25 amazing things you (probably) didn't know about Ukraine

Turkey publishes agreement with Ukraine on travel with use of ID cards

Ukraine decriminalises drug possession?

Гаагский гамбит

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Week’s balance: ban of Russian websites, IMF mission in Ukraine, and launch of pension reform

Meeting between the President of Ukraine and the Chancellor of Germany: We must return the Minsk process in a constructive direction

Если Минские договоренности не будут выполняться, то с высокой долей вероятности санкции ЕС будут продолжены - Президент по результатам переговоров в Германии

Mileage reimbursement issues under California law

The Pot Startups Prepping for Jeff Sessions’ New War on Drugs

7 Factors To Consider When Picking A Law Firm To Work For

Choosing a law firm and a practice area is a big decision; here's what to think about.

How an English law could topple Trump

Iran: Hassan Rouhani wins landslide in huge victory for reformists

Checklist for Buying a Business in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Many entrepreneurs get their start in the world of business by buying an existing company rather than starting their own. Many people see this as a less-risky endeavor, although it still comes with plenty of challenges.

Merkel Seeks Push for Ukraine Cease-Fire Talks With Macron

Under siege in Washington, Trump reaps Saudi arms deal, stronger ties


Повний фотозвіт ТУТ

Friday, May 19, 2017

Brazil plea-bargain testimony says president took $4.6 million in bribes

Stable Ukraine key to Euro-Atlantic security

Вася Обломов - Нести херню

Greece passes new austerity measures, hopes for debt deal

Russians Are Laughing at the U.S., Not Just at Trump

Глава государства: Я уверен в деоккупации Крыма - страну-преступника заставят вернуть украденное

Как мы раскрыли крупнейший картель повара Путина

Ukraine, the Philippines can effectively cooperate in military-technical sphere

Ukraine seeks weapons from Ottawa to help fend off Russia-backed rebels

Volodymyr Horbulin: Science and history is a weapon for Russia

Unorthodoxy – A fight for souls (and earthly riches)

Sweden Ends Probe Against WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange

How Laws and Culture Hold Back Socially Minded Companies

Historisches Abkommen in aller Stille

Алексей Навальный ответил на обвинения во лжи (Навальный в 20:18. Эфир #005, 18.05)

Brexit – Squaring the Circle and involving the European Court of Justice

"There is a potentially irreconcilable clash of constitutional philosophies between the UK and the EU which results in certain “no go” areas on the EU side for the forthcoming Brexit negotiations."

TPP trade deal members seek to move ahead without United States

Japan to allow Emperor Akihito to abdicate but makes no move on female succession

Top 10 Mistakes Employers Make in Employment Applications

Безвиз: как на поезде добраться до Европы (инфографика)

Politeka разобралась куда, за сколько и как долго украинцы могут на поезде добраться до Европы.
Как оказалось прямое ж/д сообщение существует с пятью странами Европейского Союза -Польшей, Словакией, Чехией, Венгрией, Румынией.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Robert Mueller: The Special Counsel America Needs

Andrey Savchenko: о блокирование российских интернет ресурсов в Украине

UPD: Некоторые комментаторы меня задолбали, прочитайте перед комментированием текст в самом низу во избежание бана
Второй день баталий вокруг блокирования росресурсов всё больше убеждает меня в том, что большая часть защитников либо предатели, либо реально не понимают значимости и влияния этих ресурсов. Для вторых, попробую объяснить:
Для начала, разделим возможности контролируемого аггрессором ресурса на две сферы: разведывательная и пропагандистская.

Гибридные войны: скрытая угроза Яндекса (Инфографика)

Київ, сьогодні

President: I am confident in de-occupation of Crimea – the country-criminal will be forced to return stolen

Prime Minister assures business circles of Gov't being staunch defender of real sector and businesses

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is guided by the principles of support and protection of the real economy responsible for creating national product and engaged in laying the foundation for strengthening the economy of the country. This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman during a meeting with the European Business Association leaders.

Rada cancels Savchenko law

Questions and Answers on the Implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy Review

Read the transcript of the conversation among GOP leaders obtained by The Post

Which Side Tends to File the Most Amicus Briefs in Criminal Cases (Part 1)?

The Empire Strikes Back: On the recent general strike in Brazil

In a recent review of Alex Cuadros’ 2016 Brazzillionaires: Wealth, Power, Decadence, and Hope in an American Country (astonishingly, yet unsurprisingly, still unpublished in Portuguese and in Brazil) Patrick Iber, writing for the New Republic, declared that ‘if Brazil’s inequality shocks the conscience, we must recognize that, as a global community, we are all Brazil.’

Turkey cannot be left out of Syria plans: Erdoğan

Ukraine marks Vyshyvanka Day on May 18 (Video)

День вишиванки

Отвечаем олигарху Усманову и показываем его дом

Олигарх Усманов Навальному: Леша тебе придется ответить передо мной

Volodymyr Groysman introduced Government's draft law on pension reform

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman at a Government’s meeting which was held on May 17, presented the main provisions of the draft law of Ukraine "On amendments to some Laws of Ukraine on increase of pensions"  offered by the Government in the framework of the pension system, which should be triggered starting 1 October 2017.

Same-sex marriage has highest approval rating in history

La guerre d'Internet fait rage en Ukraine

South Korea’s New Leader Abolishes State-Issued History Textbooks

 South Korea’s president, Moon Jae-in, on Friday ordered his government to abolish state-issued history textbooks for middle and high school students, his first move to erase the unpopular legacies of his impeached and ousted predecessor, Park Geun-hye. 

What Henry Ford understood about wages

Seth Godin

Every time Ford increased the productivity of car production (in one three-year period, he lowered labor costs by 66% per car), he also raised wages.
Not merely because it's the right thing to do.
He did it because well-paid workers had more to spend. On houses, on clothes, and of course, on cars.
There's a positive ratchet here.
You can't shrink your way to greatness.
When you enable your workers (and your customers) to do more, connect more, produce more and get paid more, you create a positive system. The goal isn't to clear the table, the goal is to set the table.

#DisinfoReview: Twisting the WWII narrative

Brazil: explosive recordings implicate President Michel Temer in bribery

Trademarks in Australia

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Former FBI chief Mueller appointed to probe Trump-Russia ties

ЦЕ ще тільки ФАРС чи вже Американська ТРАГЕДІЯ?

California Cannabis: The Marijuana Retailing Rules (Part II)


17.05 відбулось чергове засідання наукового гуртка з “Правового регулювання господарської діяльності”.

European Parliament signs visa liberalization for Ukraine

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

New NYC Law Imposes Additional Requirements on Companies Contracting With Freelancers

What would happen if Donald Trump were impeached?

Travel to Ukraine: http://zruchno.travel

National security v Freedom of choice and the Internet – Ukraine

Алиса Вокс и рэпер Птаха уничтожили Навального

Fixing Law Schools Requires More ‘How To’ And Less ‘What To’

Everyone has an answer for reforming law school -- but we need practical solutions.

Ninth Circuit hears oral argument on Trump travel ban

Украина ввела санкции в отношении Шойгу, Нарышкина, Ткачева, Кадырова

Poroshenko: No chance for Russia's cyberwarfare against Ukraine

Ukraine to block Russia propagandist media, social networks for three years

Украина ввела санкции против российского интернета

В списке заблокированных — «Яндекс», Mail.ru Group, «ВКонтакте», «Лаборатория Касперского»

Legal pot is here to stay, Trump or no Trump

WannaCry Ransomware Attack: What Happened and How to Address

Offshore Service Companies Try Bankruptcy, Lobbying to Improve Their Finances

The EU Does Right by Kiev

"The dream of closer integration with Europe sparked 2013’s pro-democracy uprising in Ukraine. The following year Vladimir Putin launched an invasion to snuff it out."

Japan and China: New Data Protection and Transfer Laws Imminent in Asia Pacific

Ukraine Seeks Direct U.S. Role in Peace Talks

Foreign minister says U.S.leading negotiations with Russia was discussed in meetings with Trump administration

Week’s milestones. Presidential dialogue, celebration with provocations, and prime minister’s new big thing

УКАЗ ПРЕЗИДЕНТА УКРАЇНИ №133/2017 (санкції проти Росії)

Monday, May 15, 2017

Anti-Corruption and Bribery in the USA

"Which authorities are responsible for investigating bribery and corruption in your jurisdiction?
Both the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have specialised units that handle Foreign Corrupt Practices Act investigations and prosecutions." 

In travel ban case, U.S. judges focus on discrimination, Trump's powers

Merkel Uses Law and Order to Bust the Populists

The GDPR: Teeth, and Considerations for Corporate Legal Counsel and Discovery Teams

With the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set to take effect in May of 2018, the serious implications for corporate legal counsel and e-discovery teams are difficult to deny.

4 Things To Discuss Long Before Trial

Главы МИДов стран ЕС поддержали продление антироссийских санкций

Министры иностранных дел стран Европейского союза (ЕС) обсуждали во время состоявшегося сегодня Совета на уровне глав МИД вопрос будущего введенных в отношении России санкций. «Подтверждаю, что разговор на эту тему был,— сказал глава МИД Польши Витольд Ващиковский.— Минские соглашения не выполняются, поэтому большинство выступавших по этому вопросу решительно высказывались за то, что применение санкций нужно продолжать. Дискутировать не о чем».

The Presidential Presser

Food waste: the problem in the EU in numbers [infographic]

Israel and Ukraine have many priority lines of deepening cooperation - outcomes of a meeting between PM and Benjamin Netanyahu

Ukraine to spend Yanukovych's recovered assets on defense, infrastructure

President: We will do everything possible for the law on e-declarations to fulfill its function

Money Laundering Typologies & An Asset Search

One way to learn how to search for hidden assets is to read “A Laundry List For An Asset Search.

Groucho runs deep

Seth Godin

Groucho Marx famously said, "I don't want to be a member of any club that would have me." Thanks to our connection economy, the membership rolls are now wide open, but the problem isn't declining.
There are so many communities that want you. So many opportunities to connect, to learn, to leap.
Some communities have skills and want to share them with you. And other ones need you to teach.

Obama’s men influencing Trump on Syria: Erdoğan

В Крыму ситуация может скоро выйти из под контроля

How to Become a Coach or Consultant After You Retire

Kickin’ Kiev: the Ukraine capital hopes Eurovision to will jump-start tourism

Massenproteste gegen Moskaus Abrisspläne

Why You’re Wiser with an Adviser