Friday, December 15, 2017

Комментарий: Российский самообман из-за "слабости" Меркель

New Supreme Court launches work in Ukraine, 3 new codes put into force

Statement on “Russia’s ongoing aggression against Ukraine and illegal occupation of Crimea”

Each of you is on the line of separation - between justice and tyranny. Make a worthy choice every day in every case - the Head of State to new judges of the Supreme Court

Trump administration issues new rules on U.S. visa waivers

Preventing #MeToo in the Workplace: How Employers Talk the Talk And Walk the Walk

End of Net Neutrality: What It Means for Consumers

End of Net Neutrality: What It Means for Consumers

Corruption makes Ukraine even more vulnerable to Russia

How I Went From the Governor's Office to a Jail Cell (Saakashvili)

Better instincts

"Go with your gut," is occasionally good advice.
More often, though, it's an invitation to indulge in your fear or to avoid the hard work of understanding the nuance around us.
Better advice is, "invest in making your gut smarter."
The world is a lot more complex than our gut is likely to comprehend, at least without training. Train your gut, get better instincts.
How do this?

Приговор Алексею Улюкаеву

Онлайн-трансляция: экс-министр признан виновным в получении взятки

The EU’s latest stance: tax reform in the tech world

Thursday, December 14, 2017

EU bereitet Verfahren gegen Polen vor

Prisoner exchanges may yet save the face of a flawed investigation – Odessa

EU extends sanctions against Russia over Ukraine

EU countries are not 'tax havens', parliament says

A more united, stronger and more democratic Union: Joint Declaration on the EU's legislative priorities for 2018-2019

  1. Better protecting the security of our citizens;
  2. Reforming and developing our migration policy in a spirit of responsibility and solidarity;
  3. Giving a new boost to jobs, growth and investment;
  4. Addressing the social dimension of the European Union;
  5. Delivering on our commitment to implement a connected Digital Single Market;
  6. Delivering on our objective of an ambitious Energy Union and a forward looking climate change policy; and
  7. Further developing the democratic legitimacy at EU level.

The FCC Just Voted to End Net Neutrality- Lawyers Discuss

The Trump Revolution

Who Will Judge the Judge?

HelpSelf Legal


17 ways California sued the Trump administration in 2017

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Seventeen Provisions to Watch in the Senate Tax Reform Bill

Dunkirk (2017 film)

Dunkirk is a 2017 war film written, directed, and co-produced by Christopher Nolan that depicts the Dunkirk evacuation of World War II. Its ensemble cast includes Fionn WhiteheadTom Glynn-CarneyJack LowdenHarry StylesAneurin BarnardJames D'ArcyBarry KeoghanKenneth BranaghCillian MurphyMark Rylance, and Tom Hardy. The film is a British, American, French, and Dutch co-production, and was distributed by Warner Bros.

#DisinfoReview: Weaponising the Olympics

Blockchain – The Future of Digital Identity? (PDF)

How Your Nonprofit Can Successfully Execute a Capital Campaign

Government of Ukraine announces launch of procedure for the selection of international partners for the joint management of the Ukrainian GTS

Trump signs U.S. Defense Bill with $350 million allocated for Ukraine

Canada determines Ukraine as appropriate destination for inclusion on firearms control list

From German Faucets to Italian Chocolate, Trade Barriers Are Rising Again in Europe

The rise of economic nationalism is clashing with the open-market ideals of the EU’s original founders

Net neutrality

These Three Cases Define This Month at the Supreme Court Term: Podcast

How to think about gay wedding cakes, Fourth Amendment rights, and whether the federal government can ban sports betting. Plus: How will Neil Gorsuch vote?

Возвращение живых мертвецов

Islamic Cooperation declares East Jerusalem as Palestine’s capital

Back to gas

НБУ: Про внесення зміни до Інструкції про переміщення готівки і банківських металів через митний кордон України (PDF)

Ущерб Украины от захвата Россией крымских предприятий составил триллион гривен – Луценко

Facebook to shift ad revenue away from Ireland

The European Union boosts support to Ukrainian SMEs with new finance from the EIB Group to Oschadbank

Ukraine to raise pensions for military

Meeting between the Presidents of Ukraine and Poland began in Kharkiv

« Rien n’illustre mieux les convulsions du post-soviétisme que la semaine surréaliste que vient de vivre l’Ukraine »

Syrien ist die Schande der internationalen Gemeinschaft

Finding a Sensible Brexit

Tillerson: Russia sanctions not to be lifted until Ukraine’s territorial integrity restored

Trump signs into law U.S. government ban on Kaspersky Lab software

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Boilerplate provisions in a contract

Evgeny Pashukanis: Commodity-Form Theory of Law

Whether one believes that law is provided by God (Natural Law), is created by human intellect (Positivism), a gendered institution perpetuating patriarchy (Feminism) or the maintainer of the status quo against marginalised groups (Critical Legal Studies), undergirding those beliefs is the assumption that law is autonomous. In its autonomy, law operates as an impartial arbiter of “right”. Law sustains society through universal regulation. Law is considered autonomous because it is considered to have a “mind / logic” of its own. However, for Pashukanis and Commodity-Form Theorists such as Isaac D. Balbus and China Miéville law is slaves for Capitalism.

#MeToo And What To Do With Old Claims

Fingerprints of Russian Disinformation: From AIDS to Fake News

Bitcoin risky but 'limited phenomenon', says EU

Education Ministry offers way to resolve language issue for Russian speaking students

Impeachment – nice word meaning nothing

Ukrainian President signed the Law to prolong the Agreement between Ukraine and Netherlands on the International Mission to protect investigation of the MH17 tragedy until August 1, 2018

Poroschenko spielt mit seiner Zukunft

Net Neutrality: protecting the free market

What is net neutrality?

A Holiday Pay Q&A to Keep Employers Off the Naughty List

Оплата непрацездатності за законодавством України

Monday, December 11, 2017

INFRASTRUCTURE: Turkish company at the forefront of Ukraine's historic roads upgrade

The Ukrainian government is currently investing record sums in the construction and repair of what is one of Europe’s most extensive but poorly maintained road networks. This nationwide upgrade promises to transform Ukraine’s transportation potential and bring significant economic benefits by connecting different Ukrainian regions while building on the country’s vast transit potential. Turkey’s ONUR Company is at the forefront of these road improvement efforts, having already carried out many of Ukraine’s most successful and prominent road infrastructure projects of the past thirteen years.

What Makes Blockchain So Special? And Why Does it Matter (So Much) for Cannabis

China’s Digital Economy: E-Commerce Consumption Trends

Saakashvili granted unconditional bail

Kyiv court turns down prosecutor's motion to place Saakashvili under house arrest


How to Apply for a New Job After You’ve Been Fired

Saudi Arabia lifts cinema ban, directors and movie chains rejoice

Russia among the top three biggest investors in Ukraine

Ukrainian citizens travelling to Europe up by 15% during first 6 months of visa-free travel

Democracy in Ukraine: Four years after the Euromaidan

Today, four years after the start of the Euromaidan, which called for pro-democratic and pro-European choices, Ukrainians are again encouraged to take to the streets, with tent camps of protesters rising near the walls of the Verkhovna Rada. Meanwhile the opposition is again accusing the state of corruption and inefficiency as oligarchs have taken over the offices of high-ranking officials and control the political activity of many parliamentarians. Furthermore, the work of the president and the government still has an extremely low level of public support. Does this mean that Ukraine’s second attempt at a democratic transformation has failed? This question is difficult to answer because the process of political and economic transformation, which began four years ago, remains unfinished. Nevertheless, several important features of the current Ukrainian situation give us some sense of Ukraine’s progress in this direction.

So funktioniert Putins heimliches Macht-Netzwerk

Trials Begin in Turkey for Academics for Peace

On December 5, 2017, the trials began for those who signed the Academics for Peace petition in January 2016. Conducted by High Criminal Courts in Istanbul, these trials focus on a single individual at a time. Currently 148 trials are scheduled through to May 2018, with new hearings expected to be announced in the coming weeks and months. But the indictment is the same for all of them. Each signatory is charged with “making propaganda for a terrorist organization” and if found guilty, each will face a prison sentence of up to seven and a half years.