Sunday, October 13, 2019

ИНТЕРВЬЮ-Переговоры Украины с МВФ застопорились из-за ПриватБанка -...

Gordon Sondland, U.S. envoy to the EU, will testify that he took President Trump’s denial of Ukraine quid pro quo at his word

Ankara to respond 'tit-for-tat' to possible US sanctions - Turkey News

Habsburg lessons for Europe's foreign policy

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Mina - Città vuota (1963)

Корчинський - Зеленський знищує малий бізнес в Україні. Пресмарафон. Закон про касові апарати

Главнокомандующий в фаст-фуде / Зеленский проговорился о Коломойском

Гончаренко онлайн: Пресс-марафон Зеленского. Бургер раздора

EU Law Analysis: The CJEU rules on consent to cookies under data pr...

EU Law Analysis: The CJEU rules on consent to cookies under data pr...: Lorna Woods , Professor of Internet Law, University of Essex Last week’s CJEU ruling in Planet49 is an important Grand Chamber...

E-TEACHING via Moodle on profitable commercial terms

Kyiv Business and Law School invites to cooperation teachers and trainers who have an author’s course for Moodle in the field of economics, law and the English language.
We will provide you with our E-learning center’ free platform. We will promote your course for free.
The amount of your remuneration is up to 80% of the profit per course.
Email us at

Розведення сил — коли і як це буде // Безсмертний на ATR

Илларионов: Путин не остановится. Подписанная Формула Штайнмайера - кaпu...

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Find the Job You Love: Smart Networking Will Bring the Job to You

 John Tarnoff

“Chase relationships, not job openings.” This is a mantra I share with everyone including boomers when it comes to networking.
Power Boosting your Job Search
The paradigm is shifting – job hunting is no longer a resume game. In the digital age, we have to be more proactive about nurturing a network of relationships to get us in the door before a job opening is even posted.
Trying to land a job without a pre-existing network today is like trying to win a war without an army. Being part of an active network significantly increases your chances of landing a job, but also landing the best job for you.  

Saturday, September 28, 2019

European Education Area

The Commission is developing initiatives to help establish a European Education Area enabling all young people to benefit from the best education and training, and to find employment across Europe.

It is in the shared interest of all EU Member States to harness the full potential of education and culture as drivers for job creation, economic growth and improved social cohesion, as well as a means to experience European identity in all its diversity. 
The Commission is developing initiatives to help work towards a European Education Area. The vision contained within this policy is that, across the EU: 

Корчинський - імпічмент Трампу і Зеленський