Monday, January 20, 2020

Iran Says Ukrainian Jet Was Downed by Two Short-Range Missiles

A serious man: Zelensky bids to address Ukraine’s dark past, brighten its future

Social policy: Entrenching poverty What kinds of social policy initiatives is the new administration preparing?

No anti-Semitism in Ukraine – Zelensky

How Remote Developers are Changing the Software Industry

this article was originally published by Index Code

In previous articles, we’ve laid out the compelling reasons why more and more software teams are going remote. Virtual workers are more productive, less expensive, and more engaged with their work. Companies that partner with remote developers gain access to a global pool of talent; and, with the flexibility to expand across time zones, there’s always someone online to troubleshoot or provide customer support. 

Many companies are already benefitting from fully remote developer teams. Here’s how some of the most innovative companies are leveraging remote work to stay ahead of the competition. 

Ukraine’s President Said He’d Fight Corruption. Resistance Is Fierce.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Раздиховский: Путин себя переиграл - Конституция размыта.

Behind Ghosn’s Escape, an Ex-Green Beret With a Beef About His Own Time in Jail

Iran to send black boxes of downed Ukrainian plane to Ukraine

What Happens to Your Digital Self After Your Death?

Cabinet makes public salaries of Ukrainian government members

How These 3 E-Commerce Companies Work Remotely

Emily Heaslip
This article was originally published by Index Code

Software, mobile development, SaaS, and other tech companies that hire remotely are a dime-a-dozen: companies like Stripe, Buffer, and Coffee Meets Bagel are just a handful of those that benefit from working with top developers all over the world. 

Remote workers are penetrating virtually every industry, not just technology. A survey by Upwork found that 63% of companies now have remote workers, and 90% of those working remotely plan to continue doing so for the rest of their careers. Even e-commerce companies are shifting to a remote-friendly culture. While it may seem disjointed to design and produce a physical product with a distributed team, these e-commerce retailers, wholesalers, and brands are harnessing the benefits of remote work. Here’s how they do it.

Why did the political crisis begin in Ukraine and what does Zelensky have to do with it?

Friday, January 17, 2020

Financial Services and Inequality: New IMF Research

Кто поднял гривну? Нацбанк и Кабмин ничего не решают. Гончарук профан?

Оружие РФ / Космические кровосиси / Абхазия и петухи из "ДНР" / День рож...

"The US-Turkey relationships as we have known it is already dead”

Пленки Гончарука и провал Коломойского

PM Honcharuk submits letter of resignation

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Моніторинг законодавства №13

Trump impeachment trial opens as watchdog faults White House on.

White House violated the law by freezing Ukraine aid, watchdog says

Ukraine probes possible surveillance of US ambassador

Гончарук Против Коломойского и Зеленский в тумане

Вова, ты лох или нет? Уволит ли пустоголовый Зеленский профана Гончарука...

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

1200 French doctors joined the country-wide protest against #Macron today and resigned from their job

«Туман в голове» и «примитивное понимание»: как Гончарук критиковал Зеленского

Александр Невзоров / Невзоровские среды // 15.01.20

Месть Тимошенко Зеленскому: что она задумала?

Novikov becomes new head of National Agency for Prevention of Corruption

The Charms of Toronto for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The Future of Legal Tech Is About Transformation, Not Automation

10 Tools to Help Remote Developer Teams Work Efficiently

Emily Heaslip

This article was originally published by Index Code

It’s proven that remote teams work more productively than teams in an office environment. One survey found 77% of workers were more productive when working remotely. Another found that 76% of workers were distracted less often than when working in an office. 

Remote workers may be more productive, but there are still challenges to working efficiently in a distributed team. Coordinating developers across time zones can present a logistical headache. Remote developer teams need the right tools and platforms to ensure they can share work efficiently and capture the full benefits of productive remote work. These are the best ten tools for helping distributed teams of developers coordinate. 

How to Manage an Employee with Depression

New documents reveal Giuliani associates surveilled US ambassador in Kyiv

In the trap of luxury

Tokenization vs. Encryption vs. Aliasing - How to Truly Minimize Compliance Risk

Ena Kadribasic

In the context of data security, modern digital businesses realize the dangers that come with using sensitive information in its raw form. Figuring out a way to collect and use the original data without putting it at risk remains a challenge, and organizations must channel a lot of their resources into IT security that protects their users’ sensitive data.
With so many highly-publicized data breaches hitting newspaper headlines in recent years, including a massive Capital One data breach in 2019, it has become more important than ever to protect sensitive consumer data and limit its exposure to data leaks.

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