Wednesday, June 28, 2017

U.S. lays out criteria for visa applicants from six Muslim nations

California's New Transgender Regulations: What Employers Need to Know


History and Historical Mystification: Critical Observations on Badiou’s Politics

Alain Badiou is one of continental philosophy’s most original and creative minds.  Hus politics can be understood as evading both the temptations of analytical political theory and post-modern skepticism through his metaphysics. 

#DisinfoReview: A return to medieval times?

This week, pro-Kremlin disinformation time-travelled to medieval times, suggesting that the West and/or NATO planned to reduce Russia after the fall of the USSR to the size of the historical Grand Duchy of Moscow. For those who can't quite recall the borders of that Grand Duchy, you can find a map here. Like in any good spy novel, it all supposedly came from secret documents obtained by Russian intelligence services – soon handed over to Sputnik apparently. There was no further information concerning why the West and/or NATO had a plan to divide Russia according to medieval territorial borders, but the curious disinformation was repeated both in Russian and English outlets. Needless to say, the claims were not accompanied with any proof of the existence of such a 'Grand Duchy plan'.

Ukraine: Council confirms political agreement on temporary trade preferences for Ukraine

"These measures are a gesture on our part of tangible political and economic support to Ukraine. Given the difficult situation Ukraine is currently facing, we hope to proceed swiftly with the implementation of this regulation "

French Employment Law Reforms Awaited Under Macron’s Presidency

"Employment and Labour is one of the three key focus areas for President Macron – he has pledged to simplify French laws, reform the labour market and show France is open to business." 

A brief history of sex contracts through the ages

Merkel's Gay-Marriage Pivot Makes Her Harder to Beat

Petro Porochenko: «J'aime beaucoup le style Macron»

СМИ Скандинавии: Путин — творец украинской нации

President on the Constitution Day: Ukrainians have carried the understanding of the importance of equal rights, democratic system and responsible government through the ages

President: Complete reboot of the Supreme Court of Ukraine will ensure independence and impartiality of law

Russia: EU prolongs economic sanctions by six months

Obama Choked on Russia Long Before the 2016 Election

Artificial Intelligence at Law Firms: The New Standard for “Smart” Lawyers

CfP: Metamorphosis of Labour: Social Identity, Mobilization, Integration, Representation; Conference, Brussels 9–11 November

International Conference 9-11 November 2017, Brussels 

Emiliano Acosta (Vrije University of Bruxelles), Tiziana Andina (University of Torino), Gabriele Bischoff (EESC), Roberto Ciccarelli (Journalist at Il Manifesto), Silvia Contarini (University of Paris Nanterre), Rocco Cangelosi (CIME), Georges Dassis (EESC), Virgilio Dastoli (CIME), Marc De Vos (University of Ghent), Filip Dorssemont (University of Louvain – to be confirmed), Maurizio Ferraris (University of Torino), Monica Jansen (University of Utrecht), Jean Lapeyre (Collège d’Europe – to be confirmed), Mara Santi (University of Ghent), Morag Shiach (Queen Mary University of London), Elly Schlein (European Parliament), Richard Sennett (LSE, NYU – to be confirmed), Enrico Terrone (FMSH), Massimiliano Tortora (University of Torino), Gertrudis Van de Vijver (University of Ghent), Luca Visentini (European Trade Union Confederation).

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Пенсии после реформы: сколько будут получать украинцы и сколько получают в других странах

New York City Follows Trend in Predictable Scheduling Law

Constitution Day (Ukraine)



Social mobility: radical reform urged to repair divided Britain

H.R. 3004 – Kate’s Law

WP: Манафорт получил от украинской Партии регионов 17 миллионов долларов

Death-penalty symposium: The court keeps treating a fatally diseased death penalty

Ukraine : Macron veut placer son action dans le cadre des accords de paix de Minsk

More wetwork in Kyiv – IC Colonel assassinated

For Sale: Puerto Rico

Antitrust: Commission fines Google €2.42 billion for abusing dominance as search engine by giving illegal advantage to own comparison shopping service