Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Subclass 457 visa and its potential!

Posted on March 29, 2016 by Anne O'Donoghue (Director of News)

Originally introduced by the Howard Coalition Government in 1996 the Subclass 457 visa allow overseas workers the ability to fill local labour shortages.
The aim of the program is to fill the labour shortages with international skilled workers which cannot be filled by skilled Australians. The program allows organisations to fill these slots with workers for 1 day to 4 year durations. A sample list of required occupations can be found below:
Program or Project Administrator
Construction Project Management
Medical Administrator
Ship’s Engineer
Taxation Accountant
Marketing Specialist
Cardiac Technician
Network Analyst
Cafe or Restaurant Manager

A further list of the occupations in need can be found in the Federal Legislation.

Australia is currently in need of a diverse range of occupations which skilled international workers have the ability to fulfil. A review of the Subclass 457 visa programme is currently being undertaken to ensure jobs are not taken away from Australians available to complete the work. This review will ensure that the Skilled Migration programme will only benefit and not hinder the Australian economy.
Recently Senator Michaelia Cash spoke of the Subclass 457 visa and stated that there are currently 100,150 Subclass 457 visa holders in Australia. This figure represents only 0.84% of the total Australian workforce.
In order to become one of the 0.84% for visa holder’s applicants and sponsors will need to complete the nomination and sponsorship process consisting of three main stages. The first stage is for the organisation to become an approved sponsor by the Australian Government. The second stage is for the organisation to find and nominate the prospective employee for the specific role in the organisation. The last and final stage of the Subclass 457 visa process is for the skilled overseas worker to completed the application process and submit their individual Subclass 457 visa application.
The 457 visa programme can include both primary and secondary applicants. The “primary applicant” will be the individual being sponsored by the organisation. While the “secondary applicant” is commonly known as the dependants of the applicant, these can include children and/or partner.
The Subclass 457 visa programme has been extremely successful since introduced nearly 20 years ago. The programme has allowed a number of Australian organisations the ability to employ and sponsor skilled international employees.
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