Thursday, March 31, 2016

Stop Glorifying Hard Work and Long Hours

The late night check-outs of your office.

The tweet/check-ins on Saturday and Sunday trying to humblebrag that you work weekends.


Please stop.

No one should glorify working long and hard hours. Working hard does not mean you are working smart or even getting more done. It might even mean you can’t figure out how to focus on the important stuff.

Working hard vs. working smart is something you don’t learn until you burn out a few times. I cringe when I see the young founder or business person push out that tweet or check-out about how hard they are hustling or the fact that they are leaving their office at midnight when I’m skimming my feed for news in my bed about to go to sleep. Having no work/life balance can only work for so long and it is not fulfilling. So let’s cut it out, please.

(Also- I’m by no means saying people shouldn’t work long and hard- I’m saying let’s cut out the glorifying part of it)

Anyway, let’s end this rant with a Yahoo answer, because they are either funny as hell or spot on.

Question: Why do people glorify “hard work"?

Yahoo Answer: Working isn’t about working hard. It isn’t about working long hours. It’s about working efficiently, being productive and getting your job done effectively with the least amount of effort possible.

I have a friend who brags that he busts his *** 60 hours a week driving a Coca-Cola delivery truck. Congratulations, I work 35 and make twice as much as he does.

Shouldn’t we stop pretending spending 50+ hours a week at the office or jobsite to be a good thing and recognize that real genius is finding a way to streamline the process and get that same job done in 25?

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