Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Arseniy Yatsenyuk: I'm ready to take any political decision to form a coalition, a new Government and appoint a new Prime Minister to ensure stability within the country

"For the sake of stability within the country, I am ready to take any political decision to form a coalition, a new Cabinet, to appoint a new Prime Minister and to enable the new Government to do their job," stressed Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk at a Government meeting on Wednesday, March 30.
The Prime Minister stressed that he as the Prime Minister and the entire People's Front Faction "for the first time engage in activities to gather the coalition, to form a new Cabinet of Ministers, to appoint a new Prime Minister, to approve a program".
"This is something new in Ukrainian politics. But for the sake of stability within the country, to ensure investors coming to Ukraine, to ensure Ukraine prolonging the program with the International Monetary Fund, to have future support of our Western partners and to make the Ukrainian citizens to feel real change, I'm prepared to take any political decision to form a coalition, to form a new Cabinet of Ministers, to appoint a new Prime Minister and to enable the new Government to do their job," Arseniy Yatsenyuk stressed.

"To create conditions for investor coming, to continue the reforms, to ensure the Ukrainian economy’sboost as we have experienced it in the last few months, we need political stability", stressed the Head of Government.
Moreover, Arseniy Yatsenyuk informed that he had recently held a phone conversation with the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Natalie Jaresko, who leads the government delegation at the Investment Forum Netherlands–Ukraine.
He noted that the event, which is currently underway in the Netherlands, is attended by 300 representatives of various businesses: "We are actively developing trade relations with the Netherlands, as it is second (in the volumes of direct investments. – ed.) investor in the Ukrainian economy".
The Prime Minister emphasized the Investment Forum takes place on the eve of a referendum in the Netherlands on the approval of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU: “We hope that member countries of the European Union will make the right decision that actually corresponds to European values and support Ukraine in striving to meet those high standards that are defined in the Agreement on politicalassociation and free trade area with the EU".

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